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Rado Sintra Swiss Ceramic Watch Review: Quartz, Automatic, Jubile,

Updated on September 3, 2011

Rado Sintra

Rado Sintra watches introduce the space shuttle futuristic element that received further elaboration in Original and other collections. If in Ceramica Rado were preparing, in Sintra they take off, and reach the cosmos – the most natural environment for this black (the sky), gold tone (the sun), and diamonds (the stars) dedicated watchmaker. Even the convex shape of the case alludes to a telescopic distortion, as if making an astronomical reference.

Interestingly, there are only few completely black Sintra watches. Rado obviously wish to avoid alienating customers; while long time fans will love the blackness, the variety of white, gold, gray, and two-tone designs will appeal to the rest. Timepieces come in S, L, XL, and XXL sizes, equipped with a quartz or automatic movement. This collection is also notable for the use of blue shaded indexes and Arabic numerals.

Rado Sintra
Rado Sintra


Jubile line essentially comprises a set of jewelry watches. Because the shape of the watch remains strictly the same, it's the color of the high-tech ceramic components, and the number of diamonds that determine the look of each piece.

This may not seem much, but Rado managed to produce dozens of widely varied men's and ladies' timers that way: stones appear on the case, between ceramic links on the bracelet, and marking quarter hours on the dial. Extra luxurious models were paved completely.


Quartz chronographs feature a set of square (unlike the round Ceramica) subdials placed on very busy dials – some of the markers travelled to the rim (bezel) of the case to neutralize problems in time reading. A black and a white (blue indexes instead of numerals) variation exists.

It's difficult to look at the chronographs as function watches per se – but they present a kind of a fighter or space pilot's complicated control screen that accords with the entire Rado Sintra philosophy.


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