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Rado True Chronograph Jubile Swiss Ceramic Watch Review

Updated on February 21, 2012

Rado True is the round counterpart of Ceramica: it exhibits the same tendency to incorporate the dial within the case-plus-bracelet architecture, a tendency that determines the aesthetic of the collection.

It's about the aerodynamic flow and inclusion rather than sharp angles and intersecting lines; smooth transitions rather than sudden breaks. Most watches don't have a place for diamonds, which remain an almost standard addition to the Jubile lines of other departments.

In a way, this line continues the transformation that began with Sintra: the latter displayed a trend to round off the squares of Ceramica, True brings it to a logical conclusion.

The overall softness of design makes the watches suitable for a feminine wrist. Indeed, there's even a heart shape hidden there somewhere, making this line Rado's most expressive emotionally. Completely white models mark an important shift in brand aesthetic – for the first time the company offers oppositely colored timepieces.

Rado True White
Rado True White


While Sintra, Integral, and Original chronographs aim to accommodate on the dials as much complex information as possible (using subdials and several rings of indexes to achieve this goal – without compromising legibility), True turns this approach on its head.

The indexes are reduced to dots, or very short lines (hard to tell), and subdials present disappearing, thin circles; basic flat hands conclude the picture.

It's Rado core elements (one dominant color, clean dials) all over again: brought back to basics without regrets or reservations, these watches prove how effective these essential concepts really are.

Quartz, Jubile

Several models experiment with face configurations. For instance, timers will exhibit variously shaped indexes and Arabic numerals, with or without luminous coating; some pieces even appear to flirt with sporty traits.

But eventually this remains a strictly casual collection where even the few Jubile versions accommodate small diamonds in a quiet and understated fashion.

Rado True provides an important alternative to the largely square and rectangular brand selection, and flashes that special lightweight quality that can be so difficult to conjure up: charm.


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