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Rain Boots for Women

Updated on August 28, 2012

Are you looking for a way to look fashionable in the inclement weather? Just because the weather is not cooperating doesn't mean we can't look our best. There are many cute and durable rain boots available for the rainy season. Here are featured some of the cutest womens rain boots made by western Chief, Kamisk, Nomads, Croc and even Chooka. Womens rain boots are a fun fashion accessory! You will be charmed by the colors and designs.

Western Chief Women's Chevy Plaid Rain Boot

The Western Chief Women's Chevy Plaid boot is a grey plaid boot accented with a pink sole, piping and buckle. This women's rain boot is lined and has a cushioned insole.  This womens boot comes in black piping or gray.

Nomad Women's Puddles Boot,Red Collage,8 M US

 Nomads women's puddle boot Collage comes in red.  Customers write great reviews about this rain boot!  They like how thick and durable the rubber is. They also like how warm it keeps your feet.  These women's rain boots are lined and comfortable.  They are very fashionable and can be worn anywhere!  In the garden or even on the bus to work. Customers liked the Nomad's Women's Puddle Boot so much they gave it five out of five stars.

Nomad Women's Puddles Rain Boot

 If you did not like the design on the Nomad boot above, then check out other designs on this page.  There are at least 25 other womens rain boots to choose from.  From plaid to raindrops to floral designs, there should be something here to satisfy everyone's taste.  I love that theses boots have adjustable straps around the tops!

Nomad Women's Puddles II Rain Boot

The Nomad Women's Puddles II rain boot is an elegant pair of rain boots. I love the black and white floral design. These rain boots are made of thick rubber and are lined. They have a sturdy black rubber sole. Very cute for any kind of inclement weather.

Kamik Women's Janis Rain Boot

 The Kamick  Women's Janis Rain Boot are very pretty.  They come in several floral patterns and colors. Colors range form pinks to blues to oranges. They are not boring!  These colors will definitely brighten your day.  Customers like the super snug fit of the Kamick rain boot.  Customer state they are comfortable and she could wear them all day.  Another customer states they are not a typical rain boot. She says her feet do not get as sweaty when she wears Kamick Janis Rain boots!

Kamik Women's Willow Rain Boot

 The Kamick Womens Willow Rain Boot comes in three fabulous colors, pink, green and blue.  The willow design is sharp.  The boot comes up to mid calf and is lightweight. Customers state the calf portion is extremely wide.  So if you have big calves like me this would be a great boot to get!  The soles are made for the bad weather.

Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot

 Maybe you like the Kamik style but not the design?  Well then Kamick Womens Heidi boot may be just for you.  They have no design but come in five fashionable styles. Orange, red, khaki, black and plum ore the vibrant colors you have to choose from. These are very popular rain boots! 55 customers reviewed this product and gave it four and a half out of five stars.  Women really like that this boot is so well made AND fashionable.  Women are recommending you go a half size bigger than your normal shoe size!

If you have big calves like I do read here! The Chooka Womens Signature Solid Buckle rain boot has customer reviews from muscular women commenting on how well these boots fit over their legs. Other women commented on how this womens rain boot was too big for them around the calves. If you have problems with boots fitting you around the calves then these may be the one to get! The one featured here comes in a black color. However there are more colors offered on the site. Red and blue Chooka Womens Signature Solid Buckle rain boots are also offered.

 The Croc Jaunt Rain Boot comes in eight fashionable colors.  These colors include plum, yellow, red, black, white, bubblegum, espresso and navy.  The contrasting white piping on the bottom makes it more attractive. These Croc rain boots are lightweight and easy to pull up.   Customers state that this is a great long lasting rain boot. Customers also state they are comfortable cute and definitely keep your feet dry.

Chooka Women's Posh Dots Rain Boot

 The Chooka Womens Posh Dots Rain boot comes in five fashion colors.  The colors of this women's rain boot are berry, chocolate, navy pink and dirty lime.  They have a great traction sole made for the inclement weather.  One customer stated these boots were fantastic!  She bought them for winter time and they kept their traction the ice and snow.  Customers also warn the sizes run a little small.

Rampage Women's Reena Rainboot

 The Rampage Womens Rain boot comes in five different prints.  There is a cheetah print, a black and white Houndstooth print, a black and white plaid print, a multi polka dot print and a butterfly print.  The rampage womens rain boot  features a rounded toe and a cushioned insole. These womens boots are waterproof.  Customers state these rain boots area perfect fit!

Western Chief Women's Gum Drops Rain Boot

 The Western Chiefs Gumdrop rain boot is a very festive type of boot. It comes in brown with many colors of polka dots. Sizes range from 6-10 in womens sizes.  Customer reviews state this rain boot is stylish yet comfortable.


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