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Ralph Lauren Snow Beach Polo Jacket

Updated on December 30, 2014

A Jacket That's Made History

Featuring the colors red, yellow and navy blue this jacket has been a trendsetter since 1994 when Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon brought it out on his video "Can It All Be So Simple".

Since then this jacket has been doing numbers quite literally as it will run you upwards of 3500 dollars to purchase, and that's for a used one!

More recently Chris Brown has been spotted on the Today's Show wearing the same jacket. I'm curious if he paid the same amount or if he was able to get a discount because of being a celebrity.

Musicians That Have Worn

Wu-Tang Clan

Can It Be All So Simple

1994 is the year that Raekwon first wore this amazing jacket in his music video "Can It Be All So Simple". Ever since then it has been worn many different times by many different musicians.

Wu-Tang Clan Music Video

Up Close Picture

What Makes This Jacket so Special

Other than Raekwon providing his signature over approval on this piece of merchandise there is a lot that makes it special. First off, this is a vintage piece of official clothing created by the one and only Polo Ralph Lauren. Second off the colors are super dope! It's got a yellow base color along with maybe underlays as well as red accented colors. Don't let the looks fool you though as this is a serious piece of technical outerwear.

Technical What?

This jacket has been designed with a high tech water resistant exterior, with the interior being lined with 3M Thinsulate -- basically this jacket was designed exclusively to be one in winter weather!

Meyhem Wearing Snow Beach Jacket

Such a Competitive Jacket

This jacket was born in the time period of huge clothing companies such as Northface and Columbia. Northface and Columbia both made tons of sales to all types of consumers.

This in my opinion kept an even competition from all companies. These companies were basically the de facto standard for any type of cool clothing that one would want to wear when it's cold or raining.

TuneSwag Clothing Breakdown

Where to Get?

Want your very own Polo Snow Beach jacket? Will wait no longer because you can buy one online quickly and easily.

As I mentioned before the price of this jacket is not cheap, but once purchased, you'll be able to talk about a piece of history as long as you own it. Prices seem to range between $3000 - $4000. The condition will depend on the seller as usually the market only has one jacket at a time, so it may be new or used (be sure to check).

Chris Brown's Snow Beach Jacket

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