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Ramina Ashfique Beats the Mullah and Male Chauvinism by Posing in a Bikini and Becoming Miss Earth Pakistan 2017.

Updated on December 12, 2017

A Nation at War with itself

Pakistan is a country which is dominated by the Mullah and the gun. This was not the case when Jinnah propounded the 2 nation theory. He is reported to have said that the job of the government was to administer and the people whether they were Hindu or Sikh or Moslem was free to practice their religion. But his death set in motion the wheels of a theocratic state. This resulted in Pakistan being declared an Islamic state with Islam as the state religion.Over a period of time, the pragmatism and freedom inherited from the Raj gave way to bigotry and the Sharia.

In such a scenario girls from Pakistan, began to be denied basic freedoms and we have sad cases of girls like Kandeel Baloch being strangled to death by her brother for being a model.Beauty contests are not allowed in is like a nation at war with itself. In the Pakistan case, it's like a war against the weaker sex. What can one say if a man like general Zia ul-Haq panders to the mullah's and introduces the Hooded ordinance that takes crimes like rape out of the purview of the Pakistan Penal code and puts it under the jurisdiction of the Sharia?

Beauty contests

There are Muslim women in Pakistan who however don't subscribe to the government and the rule of the Mullah. Hence 13 years back the organizers started Miss Pakistan contest. This is an outlet for girls from Pakistan girls to take part in beauty contests. The organizers generally hold the contests in Canada or the USA. The Miss Pakistan contests have been held for the last 13 years and girls who win in these pageants generally also represent Pakistan at the various beauty contests in the world.

This year the winner of the Miss Pakistan Earth contest is Ramina Ashfique. She is young and was born in 1997. She is just 19. The girl belongs to Sindh which is one of the states that is discriminated against in Pakistan. It also has a large Hindu minority. She was born in Karachi. She is 5ft 8inch tall with brown eyes. She is the 14th winner of the title which generates tremendous interest in Pakistan as well as India. However hardliners as well as the Pakistan government frown on this contest.

The contest generates tremendous interest in Pakistan as well as India.

Ramina and the Sharia

Ramina the Sindhi girl has done wonders. This the least we can say about the girl because she broke out of the cloistered world of the Pakistan women.This would not have been possible in case Ms. Sonia Ahmed had not got the idea to give an exposure to Pakistan women to the world of beauty. The contests are now held every year. Ramina has won the Miss Earth Pakistan title and will represent Pakistan at the world title in October 2017.

Pakstan has to get out of its death wish. The only news coming out of Pakistan is of terror attacks and last week over 150 have been killed. It's a wonder the Pak government has not seen the light. All credit to the organizers of the Miss Pakistan contest. One hopes despite the noise by the Shiv Sena, Ramina could get a break in Bollywood. After all, Mahira Khan starred in "Raees".

Last Word

Much water has flown down the river since Ramina won the title. India- Pak relations have nose-dived and political parties like the Shiv Sen are enforcing a ban on Muslim actresses from Pakistan acting in Bollywood. So there is little chance of getting a break in Mumbai.In addition, Pakistan is increasingly being dominated by Islamists and Ramina cant do much in Pak as well.


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