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Random Tip Of The Day - *No: 102* - A Good Way To Look After Your Skin

Updated on April 23, 2013

Looking After Your Skin

Today's random tip could be misinterpreted as one for men only, but it is not! When you shave (your face OR legs) it takes away a large amount of moisture. Shaving also causes mild to serious irritation based upon your own personal skin and the products you do or do not use after you have shaved. I have found, along with others that there is something that you can do that will make your skin look and feel better.

The Random Tip For Today

This tip all depends upon the speed at which your body hair grows back. The random tip is pretty simple: Shave before you go to bed rather than shaving first thing in the morning.

This gives your skin a rest, keeping it away from the elements and it also allows the moisturiser you should be using to sink in and be absorbed into your skin over night.

After you shave you should moisturise whether you are male or female, if you are serious about looking after your skin. You also need to pick the right moisturiser for you. I am not hugely knowledgeable on products but I do know what has not worked for me in the past and I do know that anything unnatural or chemically (no matter what the advert on TV says..) is a bad investment.

The Problems and The Solutions

The reason for each of our woes could be down to a few different things. The things I mentioned above will definitely help either way but sometimes there are some other factors leading to your problems.

If you have no problems and are just looking to keep your skin in good condition... Don't get too smug, there are variables (foam, razor, pre-shave, post-shave, diet, supplements) that you may want to consider, as irritation, in a way, is helpful as it lets you know that what you are doing/using is not good. This IS good as rather than storing up for another day and giving you a HUGE problem, you will get different warning levels from your body. You just need to give your body what it needs and what you know is good.


A healthy diet can help you immensely if you are having dry skin or irritation after shaving. For healthier skin you might try eating more nuts and fish. "Fish smells though!!" ...Try taking omega 3/6 oil capsules. Just a warning though, these pills and foods are not like a headache pill, they will not work within a day or two. If you were to take these pills or start eating these mentioned foods the first thing you would feel would be 'better', the visual results start to show later. Two to three weeks depending on how badly your body needs the oil. Exercising will help to "export" these oils around your body also.

Dry skin is a warning sign of a low essential oil level in your body. The body will look after your internal organs first and foremost so when your skin is dry this is a warning sign that you really need to address this problem before it starts to cause other problems around the body.


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    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I tried to get my man to read this but, he is too much of a man to do it and too much of a man to follow your advice.. hah!