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Raw Shea Butter Benefits on Natural Hair

Updated on November 21, 2017

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a rich source of moisture and vitamins along with fat that feeds your skin and hair. Shea butter natural state is a creamy beige butter color that can liquefies when heated up or at body temperature. Pure unrefined shea butter has its characteristic smell, loaded with vitamin A, E, and F. It comes with phytonutrients and healing fats that help improve the health of both your hair and scalp. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it a natural choice to nourish the scalp, promote hair growth and maintain its health.

Shea Butter Uses

Shea butter can be applied to both your hair and scalp when you use the right amount. Make sure to check on how much it can handle, especially when applying to the scalp. You never want to clog your scalp. If you have dry and itchy scalp what it may need is more moisture than the rest. You may even have damaged follicles that need repair; they can become irritated or look flaky. Shea butter feeds your hair that vital moisture it needs to heal almost all its damage conditions. If you would like to see your maximum hair growth every month, you need a healthy scalp. When you apply shea butter to your scalp, it helps moisturize, adding it to the strands will reduce the dryness and stop unnecessary breakage. You will start to see longer, thicker hair growth in just a few months.

Improve the health and length of your hair with a pure shea butter hair mask. All you need is a little shea butter, a few oils, now all you do is apply it to your hair. Gently work your mix all over your hair to make sure that your scalp and strands are completely cover in the mix. Now leave it for about 30 minutes then wash it out. Shea butter as also been use as a styling cream for hair on a daily basis. If you have thicker hair, if your hair is damaged or dry try applying a little shea butter to help your strands. Avoid adding excess shea butter to the root of the hair, this will help your hair look less greasy or unwashed.

Using the Right Shea Butter

Shea Butter may be purchased in refined or raw form. The difference is the nutritional benefit you will receive in the product you buy. In processed constitute the product as now lost it's natural benefits along with it natural aroma. Using Raw unrefined shea butter is the key to receiving the healing properties. It comes with natural vitamins and is anti-inflammatory, your will receive its full healing benefits. Shea butter from East Africa comes from the highest quality and will deliver the best results. Looking online at use code UDU520 as a first time buyer for a discount on your $30 purchase.

All The Benefits

Unrefined Shea Butter is naturally rich in some vitamins. Vitamins A, E, & F are the most popular. The vitamin A and E will balance and help your scalp get back to normal; this will keep it healthy. If you have dry, itchy scalp that is always exposed to the sunlight than it will make a world of difference in the health. Now vitamin A also provides soothing and hydrating properties. Vitamin F gives you that extra boost; it protects your skin as well as revitalize it. Using shea butter on your hair and scalp helps smooth the rough spots that are forming. When your hair becomes dry, brittle, and start damaging the ends vitamin F help revitalize it. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids that nurture your hair and skin.

Shea Butter with Oils

Make your shea butter even better by adding great oils to the mix.
Make your shea butter even better by adding great oils to the mix.

Great Uses For Shea Butter

If you are looking for a sealant for your hair to trap the moisture added she butter is an excellent product to use. Lighter hair types are okay with just a simple oil or two, but if your hair is on the thicker side, a heavier sealant may be in order. Your hair may have a tendency to be dryer due to its texture, so you want to seal away the moisture you add in there. The majority of curly hair products included shea butter due to its emolliating qualities. It locks in moisture without the greasy and heavy effect like other products you may use. You can't stop the environmental damage that can happen to your hair, but you can protect it to an extent from accruing using the right products. Her butter will lock in moisture along with protecting your strands from the weather. It not only protects but soften hard and brittle hair, a great advantage for dried as well as fragile curly hair.

Protection Against Heat Styling Tools

Shea butter benefits your hair in ways that other products may not be able to. When applied it is absorbed into the hair strand and shaft. She butter will help hydrate the hair, leaving it nourish and non-greasy or have that heavy feeling. With that coating of your hair, it can protect your hair against damage from heated styling tools that you use the hair.

Shield Against UVS Rays

If you are looking for a little shield for your hair from the sun adding shea butter to your hair. It comes with a moderate but sufficient amount of SPF to protect your hair against sun damage. SPF is imperative especially if you color your hair, or it processed in any way it is important to keep it safe. With any alteration to the hair it may be more prone to damages and become weak, so add extra protection. Shea butter makes a big difference when it comes to protecting your hair and scalp.

Best Oils and Butter for Hair Growth

Carrier Oils
Essential Oils
Shea Butter
Tucuma Butter
Extra Virgin Olive
Illipe Butter
Yalng Ylang
Grape seed
Rosehip Seed
Vitamin E

What Maybe Causing Your Dry Hair

There are some reasons that you may suffer from dry hair. Notice that your hair needs moisture to stay hydrated throughout the day. If your hair does not retain moisture after a wash, then you may suffer from dry hair. It can also be caused by your scalp not producing enough oils to moisturize your strands. If the hair has any heat or other kinds of damage, it may cause moisture to escapes. Your hair has protective layers called cuticles that make all the difference in its appearance. If your cuticle layers are damaged they become separated and start peeling away from your hair. When your hair begins to produce less oil; now you are left with less moisture for your hair. Your hair comes with no natural lubrication beside its natural oils. You need your fats to stay healthy; it needs it to that moisture to stay hydrated and look good. As you get older, your cuticles start producing fewer oils, treating the scalp and root are important. The healthier you keep your roots with plenty moisture, the longer you can keep your beautiful, healthy hair.

Dryness can also be caused by simple products that you use in your hair. You can increase the dryness of your hair by using harsh shampoo and conditioner that strip away your natural oils. Using a blow dryer regularly on your hair along with curling irons and hair straighteners can cause heat damage.

Do not forget about environmental damages like the sun, wind, and if your live in a dry air region to worry about moisture loss. And last the chemical damages to your hair. Using chemical treatments like the perm, hair color, and relaxers can be extremely damaging to your hair. Remember that moisture is necessary to your hair, if your stripping it away your hair will suffer the loss.

How you May want to Use Shea Butter

Using any natural hair product comes with great benefits, that is why you want to use it the right way. You want to clean your hair with your shampoo and conditioner or even better yet just condition it with no shampoo. With clean damp hair section your hair off into small sections to make sure it get to apply to all areas. Now going from one section to the next thoroughly use your shea butter all over your hair. The first finger combs your hair to get rid of the poof and help the hair be more manageable. Now using a wide tooth comb detangle your hair and style or braid as you usually would.

It is best to apply right after you wash your hair to seal instantly in as much moisture as possible.

How do you use shea butter to benefit you hair?

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Warning and Tips

While all natural products are relatively safe to use caution is always advice. Shea Butter is quite safe and comes with some benefits for your hair and skin. If you have any nut related allergies, you may want to avoid using shea butter products. While individuals have used it for health reason, no clinical trials concerning shea butter and allergies have been tested. Always remember to consult your health professional for advice before users and to answer any questions you have. Taking care of your hair can be a season of trial and error but when you find a product like shea butter that works it makes all the difference.

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