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Rawr! Sexy Primal Animal Print Lingerie For Men and Women

Updated on October 13, 2009

Some people might consider animal prints to be tacky or trashy, but those people have never experienced the true power of wearing lingerie that looks like you're wearing animal skins without the hassle of chasing, catching, killing, skinning and chewing the animal hide softer yourself. (The chewing part is the hardest, absolute murder on the jaws.)

Today we take a look at a range of animal print lingerie, most of which is featured by the wild beasts at

Leopard Print

Is there anything more fierce than a leopard? Lions and tigers get a lot of rep on the streets for being hardcore predators, and though Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, they are none the less fierce predators capable of tracking down and killing anything from a dung beetle to a large antelope. (Wikipedia teaches us all many interesting things.)

Leopard print lingerie is wildly popular amongst purveyors and purchasers of animal print lingerie alike, as demonstrated by this sexy leopard print corset and leopard print babydoll.

Tiger Print

Tiger prints are rare in the lingerie world, much as actual tigers are rare in the world. A caveat against wearing tiger print lingerie, it is possible that someone may mistakenly capture you and attempt to grind your bones up to make an aphrodisiac.

The funny thing is, you don't need a tiger's bones to create a powerful aphrodisiac, you just need to emulate the slinky pattern which graces their massive furryness. The pictured picture is alleged to be a tiger print, but last I checked, tigers are stripy, which means that once again, those cunning leopards have managed to infiltrate the tiger's natural lingerie habitat.

Zebra Print

Who doesn't love Zebras, the horse of the African planes? Apparently, very few people. Unlike most animal prints, which are based on the skins of carnivores, the Zebra is a plant eating wild beast. Regardless, the skin of the Zebra is highly prized for its black and whiteness, and its facilitation of road crossings in certain parts of the world.

Seriously though, you can get almost any item of lingerie in a zebra print. Bras, panties, babydolls, corsets, they're all available in a zebra print so that you can pretend to be innocently grazing the grazzy plains of the Savannah at your leisure.


So there you have it, the animal kingdom can be your playground and you won't be required to wrestle a single crocodile or stick your head in a single lion's mouth. Just slip on some slinky animal print lingerie and go wild.

Want that in a bigger size? Go forth and read my hub, Sexy Comes In All Sizes, Plus Size Animal Print Lingerie


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    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      Interesting, I like the photo of the women modeling in the zebra bra and panties. I wonder if Victorias Secret sell's them. It would be perfect for men like me and women alike too of course.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Check it out, I have heard your cry!

    • profile image

      shortbread 8 years ago

      Guys and gals both look great in the feline prints.But they are hard to find in all sizes....