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Ray Ban Cats Fashion Sunglasses Review

Updated on March 17, 2011

Ray Ban Cats

While such Ray Ban classics as Aviators and Wayfarer can function as fashion accessories, the brand offers dedicated collections of couture sunglasses that exhibit the most expressive characteristics of said lines. Cats is one such collection: it contains several variations, 1000, 4000, and 5000, each, in a way, being the dressy successor of either Aviator or Wayfarer. While representing their iconic lines, these shades add to them several elements that indicate, without a doubt, a fashion purpose.

The use of color, both on frames and on lenses plays a major part in Cats sunglasses. Considering that the designs are unisex, palette becomes the main element distinguishing men's spectacles from women's: former usually display black, brown, gray, and tortoise tones, while ladies pieces opt for vivacious pinks, blues, yellows, violets, and other variation.

Frames are usually large and relatively thin, and include a pair of flat traditional temples (as opposed to the sculpted Wayfarers or metallic cylinders of Aviator).

Ray Ban Cats Sunglasses
Ray Ban Cats Sunglasses

Not all Cats shades fit with prescription, and only a few were equipped with polarized lenses – this is, after all, a fashion collection.

Cats 5000

A replica of Aviator, Cats 5000 repeats the shape almost to the detail, albeit in a type of plastic (propionate) rather than metal. As a result, the design gains in fun and play what it loses in professionally required qualities.

Many Ray Ban fans wore the classic metallic sunglasses aiming to make a fashion statement – the company responded to this trend by offering a ready-made accessory.

Cats 1000

This model reflects the Rounded Wayfarer. It's notably larger, features simplified temples, and is generally softer and more feminine – yet the source of inspiration remains decidedly clear. Importantly, metal Ray Ban logo decorates the temples of both lines, pointing to their mutually common roots.

Cats 4000

Cats 4000 stands out as a more independent creation designed by Ray Ban to emulate the high-fashion Gucci and Prada on their own turf.

It approaches a shield type template associated with partying, but retains a few traits – a double bridge, a well defined frame – that lend the sunglasses a streak of restrained, casual class.


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