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Ray Ban Men's, Women's Sunglasses Full Guide-Review

Updated on March 17, 2011

Ray Ban

Since 1937 Ray Ban sunglasses guarded the eyes of many high-profile individuals during events that without exaggeration put the brand at the forefront of American consciousness.

Preferred by high-ranking officers during WW2, top actors and celebrities in Blues Brothers (1980) and Men in Black (1997), and recently advertised by Formula One drivers, this company has consistently risen to the occasion. These men and women wore Ray-Ban shades while doing their jobs, making their success synonymous with their brand of choice.

Today Ray Ban is widely recognized as on of the most popular sunglasses brands that offers a selection of professional, fashion, casual, and dressy frames suitable for a broad range of purposes and settings. It's not only about the Wayfarer or Aviator; the choice of products designed for trendy young adults continues to expand, adding new designs, and broadening existing ones – Clubmaster, Cats, Outdoorsman, and Predator are just a few of the collections being continuously refreshed.

Perhaps the most unique quality of Ray Ban is its natural sense of fun – sometimes a little crazy, sometimes a little absurdist – eventually it translates into a light, effortless charm very few fashion designers have been able to match.


Ray Ban easy touch in design, combined with unobtrusive emphasis on fashion (both contemporary and vintage) is embodied in a versatile assortment of sunglasses that will occasionally approach the avant-guard, but rarely cross the line – unlike sports-specializing Oakley or couture Armani that take more risks with their collections.

The strength of this brand lies in its familiarity and universality – the classics it created during its entire existence represent Ray Ban today as they have then – with flair and confidence. They are reliable, can't-go-wrong spectacles.


Of course, visuals would simply not be enough without a strong technological basis. The brand uses the most advanced materials and technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition, incorporating UV blocking colors, polarization, titanium (nickel and corrosion free), and carbon fibre in the lenses and the frames.

Strength and durability are not the only elements intrinsic to Ray Ban shades: drawing from its roots as a maker of optic glasses, the company prevents any health issues by ensuring ergonomics-conscious physical comfort and hypoallergenic properties.


Here's a quick overview of all the current collections (make sure to click on the links to read dedicated reviews):



The iconic design that long ago transcended its intended military use (Aviator sunglasses were created for Air Force pilots), and, like camouflage uniform, became a fashion accessory. While the expressive, if not defiant blending of warlike items into fashion was a trend Ray Ban easily adopted, the line between the two remained : high-tech materials and manufacturing aimed at professionals on the one hand, bold dressy combinations on the other.


Possibly the best known Ray Ban collection: its universal structure lends it unusual purpose flexibility – a pair of Wayfarer shades can function as casual ocular protection on one occasion, or as the trendiest piece of couture on another. It's a simple, tasteful design that continues to brings its creators accolades; variations include folding, rounded, square, and shield models, painted in a range of colors and equipped with variety of lenses.

Fashion Sunglasses


Cats sunglasses cross into fashion territory, but not without paying tribute to the classics: models from this line display either Aviator or Wayfarer traits effectively reinterpreted to fit a more dressy vision. Colors include black, white, and the more exuberant pink, azure, yellow, violet and red.

Jackie Ohh

These spectacles pick up where Cats left off, going deeper into couture design, and exhibiting oversized, cat-eye or bug-eye frames with fade lenses and wide temples.

Overall appearance can't fail to evoke a sense of chic, and alludes to items routinely produces by such brands as Versace, Gucci, and Prada.


Clubmaster shades take a fimiliar “geeky” vintage design, and give it a twist that reverses its original meaning. What was once square today is considered in vogue – and Ray Ban underline this common truth by painting the sunglasses with surprising red marble, striped white, cobalt blue, and other color variations.



A version of Aviator, Outdoorsman equips the frame with a brow bar, giving it a weightier look that in a way reflects the terrestrial element – as opposed by the sharp metallic minimalism of sky-dwelling Aviator. A more universal, all-purpose take on the original.


Sports sunglasses that feature an aerodynamic shape which tends to wrap itself around the face, reducing points of undesired contact with outward objects. Like the title reveals, this pair wants to see – but remain invisible. Until it's time to jump the prey...


This collection comprises Ray Ban latest technology and materials innovations, including carbon fiber, high-tech coating for the lenses, and more. Design is fluid, and can function effectively as either casual or sporty.


Hundreds of vintage Ray Ban sunglasses appear daily on eBay, being delivered to collectors, fashion afficionados, or simply people with a taste for a classic pair of shades.


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