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Ray Ban Predator Sunglasses Review: Polarized, Crystal, Fade, Gradient Lenses

Updated on March 17, 2011

Ray Ban Predator

Ray Ban Predator sunglasses venture into sports and athlete territory, where they form a close alliance with such brand collections as Tech and Olympian – all evidently sports purposed, they hold enough finesse to tame emerging raw power. (People who prefer that raw component unbridled might find what they need in Oakley products.)

Though recent releases added come color variety, Predator spectacles are originally black, both in tone and in character – mystic and deep. But even the most recent models keep the dark element: white and red paint only the top tier of the frame, leaving the lower one just as impenetrable. In a way, this two-tone design injects a camouflage quality that serves to enhance the lie in wait effect.

Ray Ban Predator Sunglasses
Ray Ban Predator Sunglasses

The smooth, curving lines impart the sunglasses feline features that eventually found expression in the collection title. It' the opposite of the ostensible Aviators, and a far cry from the friendly Wayfarer – this pair conceals rather than reveals, a design that harbors secrecy and discretion.

Flight Pande

This model can be viewed as a reduced Predator: the lenses are smaller and the frame is thinner. It's a surprising design in that it retains all the iconic feline traits, but perhaps alludes to smaller animals – a wild cat instead of a tiger, a lynx instead of a panther. There's a touch of vulnerability that's removed in the original by a more robust build.

Though both categories are apparently described by Ray Ban as masculine, ladies can definitely benefit from this type of eyewear. A woman wearing predator sunglasses can become just that: as Hall&Oates said in their famous song, “the woman is wild, a she-cat... watching and waiting... she'll chew you up... watch out...”

On a more serious note, aerodynamic properties will suit both sexes, and assist female athletes just as effectively as they will male ones. Available with polarized lenses.


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