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My drugstore favourites

Updated on August 22, 2016
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Shopping for make up at your local drugstore can be a hit or miss situation. (although that can be the same with higher end products you just aren't risking quite as much money) So it`s nice to have some sort of guide letting you know about a few tried and tested products.

The first product that enters my mind when thinking about my favourite drugstore products has to be collection lasting perfection concealer. I'm sure you've heard plenty about this product already, especially if you are familiar with beauty blog posts. Not only is this product well deserving of its surrounding hype but should, in my opinion, become a staple in any beauty lovers makeup bag. This concealer does exactly what it says on the tin, it conceals perfects and lasts throughout the day. I personally use it for under my eyes to conceal those horrific bags. Although every now and then when I get redness (usually around my nose) this does a brilliant job of covering it.

Another product that I want as many people to know about as possible is a cream eyeshadow. To anyone who is scared about the concept of a cream eyeshadow I say don't be they are an extremely easy and beautiful product. My favourites are the maybeline 24hr colour tattoo. My top 2 colours are on and on bronze and pink gold. Whether you use them as a base or on their own you can`t go wrong just pop them on your eyelid with either your finger or a thin flat brush and blend out with a fluffy brush.

My favourite lip product from a drugstore (this was a hard one to choose) are the sleek matte me liquid lipsticks. I'm a big fan of any liquid lipstick as long as they aren't drying or crumble off. The sleek liquid lipsticks are neither they are smooth and easy to apply and although they do transfer when eating they don't come completely off of the lips they simply fade. I own two shades velvet slippers and shabby chic, not only do I love their names but the colours are gorgeous. Velvet slippers is a dark purple tone and shabby chic is a light mauve with pink and purple undertones.

Sleek also produce brilliant blushers. They are extremely pigmented and long lasting (so don't go applying too much to your brush.) The shade antique is a beautiful muted but sparkly pink and their blush by three palette `sugar` containing a rich matte red, a shimmery burgundy and a matte muted orange is the perfect blush palette for autumn.

There are a lot of brushes varying in; shapes, sizes, densities and prices in drugstores so deciding the right ones for you is sometimes difficult. The ones I generally go back to, because I believe they are the best for both variety and to achieve the most flawless results, are the real techniques brushes, my favourite being the expert face brush designed by sam and nick chapman.

I hope this has been useful and inspired you to go spend your paycheck on some lovely products at your local drugstore (although if you`re like me you probably didn't need much inspiring)

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Anita xxx


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