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Perceiving Real Beauty

Updated on April 21, 2011

Everybody wants to be beautiful, the reason why a lot of people  are in a great anxiety today is that they think that they are ugly. Many people think that they are their material body,  if they think that their body is not attractive, they feel rejected, they fear  that nobody will like them.


Mass media promotes the standard of what beauty is flawless skin, slim body, long silky hair for women strong proportioned body for men to name a few. If I think that I am my material body, I’ll do everything to make it beautiful, the solution is to seek for beauty experts, apply all sorts of beauty products, undergo cosmetic surgery etc.. I’ll do everything so that I’ll be loved and accepted. Some also suggest that we have to think positive, If my face is ugly, I have to think that I’m beautiful, then I will become beautiful, but this is not so, it just puts us in a make believe world or an illusion. All of these are false solutions. Yes, we can be beautiful for a certain period of time but the material body is just temporary it will experience diseases and it will grow old, that is designed by the law of nature and we can’t go against it. If people accept us for our physical attributes if we lose our youth and beauty we will still be in anxiety.


The real solution is to know our real identity, that we are not the material body, we are spirit in essence, we are part and parcel of God. The material body is just temporary, but the spirit soul is eternal.  We are the person, the self inside the body, our physical features, intelligence, status in life are all temporary designations. Despite of our imperfections and limitations there is that one Person who truly  loves us unconditionally. We don’t have to pretend and we don’t have to prove anything, because the truth is we are the beautiful spark of life emanating from God, who is the most beautiful Person. To appreciate this reality ,  we have to learn yoga or union with the Supreme Person because this process   will  help us experience real loving relationship with God.


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