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Understanding Acne Causes and Advanced Dermatology Treatments

Updated on June 19, 2013

Educate Yourself on Acne Causes Before Finding a Treatment

You may have tried many products and beauty services without seeing the changes you want.

Like many people, you probably think that pimples result from outside dirt that gets stuck in the pores. This is the perspective individuals have when they go through product after product.

However, acne is caused by multiple factors working together. is important to understand the full picture of your condition

The best treatment strategy for acne will target more than one cause.

Your Skin May Be Creating Pore Blockages

Not all pore blockages come from dirt from the environment. This is important to understand. Sometimes dead skin cells or keratin deposits will clog these openings. These types of debris come from within your skin.

If your oil glands are very active, dead cells and other particles will travel along with the oil as it exits through the pores. This is why chronic acne is often associated with oily skin.

If you wash your face religiously and still have pimples, you probably have physiological skin issues. Keratin deposits and the shedding of skin cells in the follicular lining are both normal occurrences. Some people have abnormal cellular lifecycles. This will cause their skin to create debris more often.

These types of issues may explain why cleansers and other over the counter product may not be that effective for you.

How Hormones Contribute To Acne

In some people, hormonal fluctuations may be a reason for their pervasive acne. High evels of androgens in the bloodstream will stimulate the oil glands. This will cause them to become larger and more active.

When oil is constantly being released from the pores, it will carry along dead cells and other debris. This will lead to deep blockages that give rise to pimples.

What Does Bacteria Have To Do With Acne

People with acne have more bacteria in their skin than those without acne. This bacteria is called P. Acne which thrives in the skin's sebum. Blocked skin pores will trap the oil, preventing it from leaving through the pores. This creates an ideal environment for the bacteria to thrive and multiply.

You immune system is designed to recognize foreign invaders and to attack them. The bacteria will trigger an inflammatory reaction that causes the pimples to get larger. Along with redness, pain is sometimes experienced.

The inflammatory reaction can result in tears within the follicle. And this will prompt the skin to create scar tissue

When should you see a dermatologist for acne?

If products and consistent hygeine are not helping and you are noticing signs of inflammation, then it is time to see a dermatologist.

Ignoring the issue will not help. Severe forms of acne does not go away on its own. When the skin becomes inflamed, it will develop scars. And this will be even more difficult to treat

Dermatology Innovations For Advanced Acne Treatment

Many people are only familiar with acne products. They are not aware of more advanced treatments that have been made available through dermatology. These would include laser and light therapies.

Although this sounds a little high tech for the skin, results can be quite impressive. This is because they offer a comprehensive approach to treating acne causes.

Furthermore, these skin technologies are actually safer than oral medications. They use energy as opposed to chemicals. Chemicals will travel in the blood stream and can affect other tissues and organs.

Prescription medications, lasers and light procedures all have the capacity to address the physiological causes of severe acne

How Does Laser Work For Acne

Laser energy is able to affect the skin at deeper levels compared to products. It is more comprehensive in scope as it targets multiple causes at once. A laser procedure for acne will achieve the following:

1) clear deeply embedded blockages

2) kill bacteria

3) burn away the outer layer of the oil glands

The oil glands will become smaller and secrete less oil.

Dermatologist must use laser energy wavelengths that are safe for ethnic skin. Darker skin tones are susceptible to overheating, scarring and hyperpigmentation. The 1064nm wavelength of the Spectra laser is safe for all skin types.

How Does Photodynamic Light Therapy Work

Photodynamic light therapy does not use laser energy. It uses blue (sometimes red) light. A special lotion is applied to the skin. This is done to maximize the skin's ability to absorb the light.

Photodynamic light therapy mainly works by killing bacteria in the skin, reducing the effects of inflammation.


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