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Why People Want to Get Tattoos

Updated on June 16, 2013



Angel Wings

Angel Wings
Angel Wings | Source

Reasons People Could Have for Getting Tattoos

One of the reasons people could have for getting a tattoo obviously is to get attention. It will do that to get a tattoo. People will probably look at you that did not give you a second glance before. It could be a way of fitting in. Many young people are getting tattoos done now. That could open up different doors to communication.

It is a way of expressing yourself and what you want. You can just put it right there on your body for what you are interested in. It shows who you are to have a tattoo there. The tattoo can be like a little advertisement on your body for what you are about. The tattoo looks cool after all, or one hopes, maybe people will think then that they are cool.

Some people I think have deeper reasons for getting a tattoo. It is a way of expressing themselves to the world.


They might want to show that they would like to have world peace.

It could be to show hope and a wish for communication.

Higher Purpose

It could be a way for them to align with the Universe. This tattoo I have on is so beautiful. There is just one more beautiful thing added to the place to show to others. Why not share a little bit of beauty. It can be nice to show beautiful pictures that you have. It could make them feel better.

It is a way for them to tell that there is not enough love in this world. Why fight? I have my tattoo on.

Having angels could be a way of being an angel or communicating with the angels yourself. It is a nice thing to have. It would be difficult to be in a bad mood with angel wings.


It could be to show love for the world.

It could be just to show love for someone special that they have or had in the past. It could be to impress that person with what the tattoo says to everyone.

For a girlfriend or a boyfriend image tattoo the tattoo is a picture of their ideal love interest.


It could be to show others that they are proud of their heritage. US people are patriotic and want to show it. Native Americans and others get tattoos with their designs. Hawaiians have their own style. Celtic people have special designs and meanings for theirs.

You are no longer an ordinary person with a tattoo. You have your own picture that you can show to the world. The tattoo focuses a lot of energy, so you need to be careful what you do with it. That could attract others energy also.

These are a few of the tattoos that people get. It would be impossible to list them all here. You would need to write a book as someone else has said.


Peace dove
Peace dove | Source


Fairy and Forest Animals
Fairy and Forest Animals | Source
Fairy | Source
Fairy with clover for good luck
Fairy with clover for good luck | Source

Fairies and Nature Symbols

Fairy Tattoos and other Symbolism

Fairy tattoos are popular now. You can connect with your imagination to fairyland. It is a fairy tale world where your dreams can come true. An enchanted world has come to life right then and there.


Nature tattoos connect you with the Earth. It is for earth mothers, flower children and those that care about the Earth. You would like to be able to protect the Earth for the future.

Many women like getting a butterfly tattoo. It is a little tattoo that you can get for yourself and not feel as if there is anything that is too taboo. Butterflies are so pretty and graceful. Then you can also get a whole garden lately.


Love Interest
Love Interest | Source

Protection Tattoos

The dragons are popular now. They are an ancient form of protection. There are myths about them from all over the world. China has many legends about dragons. Dragons protect the treasure and they can also protect you with the tattoo.

A tiger or another animal could be a protection animal for you also. It would be your protection animal as you travel during your day.

Many people want to get a cross tattoo to protect them. It shows that they are religious and they feel more protected then. They can also add other designs to the cross to make it stand out. The rose adds more love to it and shows that they really care about it.

A guy was going to go into prison and he decided that he wanted to get a picture of Jesus tattooed on his back. It does sound like a good idea.

Wild Tattoos


Tattoos on the Dark Side

Some people want tattoos to really show that they are different. They want the tattoo to set them apart from others. They don't mind if people could be annoyed by the tattoos. It is showing the way that they want to look. They are embracing the dark side of life and even becoming a part of it. The tattoos express their personality and view of life by being there. It makes it easy for them to also show just what it is that they feel.

They may want to express themselves and even to threaten someone with the tattoos that they get.

For others, they truly do the tattoos so that people will leave them alone. It shows people that they are different and not to be fooled with. People just look at the tattoos or tats as it were, and they back off. It could even give them something to talk about. Fine with the person that has the tattoo. That is as long as they know then to mind their own business. It is an how dare you bother me sort of thing going on.


The ancient Celts were supposed to have tattoos made especially to show the other side in battle how really fierce they were. The tattoos would be in different designs specially selected to show that they were a force to be reckoned with.

That could be true for someone else that is going into battle in a way and wants people to know that they are a strong person and will not back down at all. There is no way to get through or by them. They will not change and let the other people get away with things.

Bad Reasons for a Tattoo

A bad reason for a tattoo would be an example of a girl said her boyfriend wanted her to get a tattoo on her back of another girl. That would not be a nice idea.

There was another part in a book where some white guys took a Native American guy and made him get a tattoo. He actually took advantage of it and decided to get a map of the US on himself. Tattoos are expensive.

Getting a Tattoo

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Tattoos Cool or Unseemly

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      Bob 3 years ago


    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I don't have any tattoos myself but am not against it if that's what others want to do. I'm always amazed at the number of people I know who have tattoos of lovers' names only to break up with that person. Then they have to struggle with whether to get it removed, live with the daily reminder of the relationship gone sour, or try to transform the name into something awkward looking.

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