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Rebonded Hair Care Tips For Summer Swimming - Rebonding Tips Just For You

Updated on September 26, 2013

Rebonded and colored hair care tips that can come handy during the summer season.

Summer is already here and the excruciating heat of the sun also doubled its intensity. Beat the heat and protect yourself from the harsh sunrays this summer. Arm yourself with lotion, moisturizer with UV protection and SPF+30 or higher. And protect your hair by maintaining its moisture through constant use of conditioner and continuous hair treatments. Never leave your house with out your shades to protect your eyes. A handy umbrella can also be added in that big bag of yours.

Summer is among my favorite seasons! It's here and Mr. Sun will surely beat the heat in us. We must be sure that we protect our skin and hair from all that harsh sun rays during this months. Most particularly that almost everyone is sure to hit the beach or go get some adventurous trip somewhere.

One tip, is to don sunglasses and shades. This will protect the eyes from the sun's UV rays. But make sure that you are wearing proper sunglasses and make sure it has polarized lens, since you will just add more damage risks to your eyes otherwise. Also, a hat or an umbrella will come in handy when protecting your hair from the sun's harsh rays especially during lunch to afternoon time.

Here's a very essential tip for those who have rebonded hair, or especially those who had just undergone hair rebonding, as well as those who just got their hair colored.

For those who have had hair rebonding for some months, who goes to the beach or resorts, when you cannot resist swimming in the pool or beach, one important tip is to leave on conditioner on your hair before dipping in the water.

The sea salt in the water will lead to dryness and dullness of your hair, and you wouldn't want that. Also, upon getting off the water, make sure you rinse your hair with clear water, and additionally apply more conditioner. Make sure you moisturize it well, especially the tip. Hair treatments after some beach trip is also beneficial. Get your hair treatments up a notch since it's the summer season and you wouldn't want to have dry and frizzy hair by the end of it.

Make sure you give your hair what it deserves and you will sure to maintain your long, straight locks.

Tell me about your summer escapes.

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    • worldbd profile image

      Zahid Hasan Raju 12 months ago from Bangladesh

      good post

    • profile image

      kim 13 months ago

      tnx for the tip

    • profile image

      Amber 2 years ago

      I wanted to find out i rebonded my hair and waited the required 3 days before dipping in the ocean but now my hair seems frizzy and wont go straight like it was before. Does anyone know why and how i can fix it.

    • profile image

      ahyana 2 years ago

      how many days can I swim to the pool or beach because I rebonded my hair last monday? is it ok if I will swim to the pool tomorrow ?? And use a conditioner before I go to pool o beach.

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 4 years ago from Philippines

      Perhaps its best to consult the experts regarding this. We can have DIY hair treatments but hair rebonding is an extensive procedure so its best to be done by salon experts.

    • profile image

      myr 4 years ago

      i had rebonded my hair at home and i followed carefully the steps in rebonding hair.after 2 to 3 days my rebonded hair don't seem good anymore as it was after rebonded.what do u think happened and where did i went wrong? please help.thanks

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 5 years ago from Philippines

      @digger, why don't you try using over-the-counter hair fall treatment? one medication i know for hair fall is topical minoxidil preparations.

    • thedigger profile image

      thedigger 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Any useful tips to protect hair from falling. I used shampoos and ayurveda but they are not effective.