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Recycling Your Old Cloth

Updated on June 10, 2011
Just cut your old jeans and make a hot shot like this!
Just cut your old jeans and make a hot shot like this!

Sometimes the economical situation doesn't let us spend extra money in new cloth, and we don't have to! I am sure that all of you have at least one piece of cloth in the closet that you never use. Why not recycle that old cloth we have? With some modifications of accessories you are going to feel like you are getting a brand new piece of cloth. Isn't it great? Yes it is! Lets learn some tips we can do with those pieces we always keep in the closet but never use.

1. Lets Cut It!

You can make a big difference with only a scissors. It is amazing! Are you bored of those old jeans? Cut them and make them short! Your jeans will have a fresh new look. The same with the old t-shirts. The t-shirts are the more versatile to invent. I love them. You can cut around the neck to make a chic sport look. You can also cut the sleeves or just cut lots of stripes on the back. You can also turn a t-shirt in a scarf. And this only with a scissors and a some knots The skirts also you can make them shorter. Just have fun with it and make everything you like. Create your own style!

2. New Accessories Could Make The Difference

As we know, the look of your outfit could be determined by the accessories you choose to wear with it. A nice belt, for example can change the whole appearance of an old blouse. And that is not all. Depending on what kind of belt you choose is going to be look. So, that means you can give different looks to that blouse just using different kinds of belt with it! The same happen with the makeup and jewelery. Play with them until find a great look. The bags and shoes also play a very important role here. For example, you can wear a mini skirt with tennis shes for a sporty look, but also can wear a high heels with the same skirt and you get a more casual look. The point here is to be original. Just look that old piece and see how you can make it more interesting and fun to wear.

3. Call Your Friends!

Another way you can recycle your cloth is making an exchange with some of your friends. Just call your friends and tell them to bring their old cloth. The piece you perhaps don't use anymore could be a favorite in one of your friends closet. Exchange everything! Cloth, shoes, bags, accessories, everything counts here. You could get some good new pieces for your wardrobe and your friends also will be benefit. Actually this method is very popular this days and it works.

Don't Throw It To The Garbage!

Well, there you have three good choices to recycle your cloth. If there is no way you can use that piece of cloth again, look if somebody can buy it. Some stores buy your used cloth. This way you get at least some money for it. Not bad uh? Making a yard sale is also a good idea to make some money with your old cloth. Those pieces you don't sell you can bring them to a charity institution. They will be glad to receive it and other people will benefit of it. So, don't throw even one cloth. What you think is probably garbage could be a treasure for other person.


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    • KlaDickinson profile image

      KlaDickinson 6 years ago from UK

      Great content and nice touch with the video at the end - it's harder than it looks!