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Recommended Designer Clothing for Infant and Toddler Boys

Updated on October 17, 2011

When my daughter got pregnant, she wanted a girl. Her sole reason for this was the clothes factor. "There are no cute clothes for boys", she said. And I had to agree. Most of the infant and toddler boy's clothing I had seen were branded with some sort of cutesy saying like "Daddy's Little Monster" or "I Love Tractors" or (horrors) camouflage. But guess what? She had a boy, and the world of designer infant and toddler boy's clothes opened up! I had no idea there was so much, and they were all so cute. Now girls I knew about, but the boys in my family got overalls and t-shirts. I happen to think those are pretty cute, but because she doesn't, I had to open my eyes to the world of boy's designer clothing.

My grandson, who started it all.
My grandson, who started it all.

Bailey Boys

My number one recommendation has got to be Bailey Boys. They have clothes for all kids, but their toddler boys selection is huge, and so cute! Most of the outfits are the one piece, button on the shoulder type, and most of them are reversible and have these adorable appliques. So you get two outfits for one! I had never heard of Bailey Boys until this spring on a trip to St. Simon's Island, Georgia. I was in one of the village boutiques looking for "some cute boy things", and the sales lady suggested I go to the Bailey Boy Store. It turns out, this is a Georgia based line of clothing, and the only store in existence is the one in St. Simon's. Their major sales are done through boutiques, and online. When I arrived, I was floored by how many choices there were, and how adorable everything was. And then someone said, "Go look at the outlet section". Oh my goodness! In the back was a huge room with a 20 foot ceiling, and racks and racks (from ceiling to floor) of clothes. Boys and girls, infant through size 6; but my eyes were on the 12 to 24 month boy's selection. It was gigantic, and they were all about half the regular price! I couldn't stop buying! So, I guess what I am saying is, not only is Baily Boys my top choice for designer infant and toddler boy's clothes, but the store is a must see if you are ever in St. Simons, Georgia.

Two of the store selections
Two of the store selections
And more!
And more!

Mud Pie

Mud Pie designer clothing for little boys is adorable. We had a small, but exclusive children's boutique in my hometown, and they carried a lot of Mud Pie clothing. I almost couldn't make myself leave. They also have the longalls that are sometimes reversible, and have a large variety of appliques on their clothing. You can find these in children's boutiuqes, or shop online. The quality is really super, and I have never been disappointed by anthing we have purchased.

Shrimp & Grits Kids

Shrimp & Grits Kids is something new to me, so I couldn't put it any higher on the list. But honestly, from what I have seen, it is going to be a close race. They advertise "unique hand smocked children's clothing at affordable prices". Their designer toddler boys clothing features hand smocked and appliqued jon jons. Many are one piece and long sleeved, rather than requiring a separate shirt to be worn underneath. These are truly adorable boys clothes!

Kelly's Kids

Kelly's Kids is another favorite designer of toddler boy's clothes. You can find them in lots of children's boutiques and online. However, since sometimes any designer brands can be pricey, I have included some of the Kelly's Kids brand I found on Ebay.

This is really my short list of recommended designer clothing for infant and toddler boys. It may have been true once, that "there are no cute clothes for boys", but it is certainly not the case now! This list could go on and on. Go to Ebay or Amazon and do a search. The choices are endless.


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    • lhale profile image

      lhale 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks so much. We have really had fun with it. My daughter is pregnant again. If it's a boy, we're set. If it's a girl, we'll go broke!

    • DonnaCosmato profile image

      Donna Cosmato 6 years ago from USA

      Oh, these are just so adorable! I wish I had found something like this when our little guy was really little to spice up the overalls and blue jeans routine. This is great information and I shared it across my social network.