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Recycled Magazine Bracelets

Updated on June 16, 2015

Recycled Magazine Bracelets DIY

Using old magazines and cereal box cardboard, you can create colorful bracelets in any size. A terrific way to recycle and a fun project for kids, too. Paint them anyway you want or not at all. It's up to you. Be eco friendly, creative and fashionable all at the same time!

Wear several at a time!

Fashion for pennies!
Fashion for pennies! | Source

Multicolor stripes

Once you've assembled your bracelets, paint them in your favorite colors. If you're not a fan of multicolors, try just black and white stripes for a very chic look.

Painted only on the edges and inside

Danielle wearing her stack of magazine bracelets
Danielle wearing her stack of magazine bracelets | Source

Leave them plain

If you're a purist, why not only paint the edges and the inside so that people know you're eco friendly and fashionable!

Watch the short video tutorial here.


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