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Red Battle Bras For Men and Women

Updated on May 26, 2010

Sometimes lingerie doesn't simply serve as a mere undergarment, it becomes the base for full blown battle attire. You know what I mean, skirts, heels, stockings, war paint – er, 'make up', the whole nine yards. In these instances, red lingerie is the only lingerie with the necessary vibrancy and spectrum to properly gird your intentions for what must surely lie ahead.

Empreinte Thalia

Two words that appear to mean nothing at all because one's a name and one's French for 'footstep' or 'imprint' which means this all makes much less sense than it did when we started, represent this brassiere which is so excellent in its quality and construction that it manages to carry off such nonsensical nomenclature with barely a sigh. There's a lovely Art Deco feel to this brassiere that you don't often get in modern lingerie, and more importantly, if you look at the lace work along the top of the cups, you'll notice that it is distinctly reminiscent of Xena's chest plate contraption. A more perfect battle bra you will not find, says Yoda.

Freya Active

If your battle is likely to involve vigorous physical exercise, then you may do well to choose a sports brassiere. The Freya Active red sports bra is the perfect companion when engaging in high impact sports, or in chasing lawless miscreants across city roofs, whichever activity you prefer. This brassiere is such a highly refined piece of lingerie machinery that it was featured on not one, but two television shows. If you're anything like me, you'll do whatever the shiny moving picture box tells you to do.

Jezebel Wild Thing

If your battle is likely to be more mental than physical, then the Jezebel Wild Thing brassiere, which combines animal prints with red lace may be more your speed. Don't even attempt to wear this brassiere whilst traveling at more than a steady walk. However it is the perfect accompniament to those leopard print high heels you bought because they were on sale and you thought one day you might have to turn to being a lady of the night, and by that I of course mean, being a vampire. Pretty brassiere, no?

Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt Bra

And back to basics for the final brassiere in this series, created by All-American designer Tommy Hilfiger, this red bra makes one look a little as if they're wearing men's underwear strung across their chest, and if those aren't fighting battle words, then I don't know what are.

(And it's probably really comfortable and breathes really well because it's cotton and also doesn't show up under t-shirts, blah blah blah.)


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