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Red Carpet Hairstyles: Get a Red Carpet Look Quick and Easy!

Updated on July 2, 2013

Crazy about Red Carpet hairstyles

Red Carpet hairstyles have always been an attraction for the paparazzi and fashion buffs! And why not? It is during some selected events that we get to see celebrities at their best, which inspires us with their fashion, hair & makeup and accessories. If fact, most people copy celebrity hairstyles after getting inspired from magazine pictures or videos.

Did you know? The trend of honoring and welcoming guests by asking them to walk over a long Red Carpet was first started in Greece in 485 BC. Today, we mostly see such celebs walking the Red Carpet on occasions such as a photoshoot, for signing autographs, on the day of a movie premier, or while attending a major awards show gala.

Not just for celebs!

While most of us can’t walk on the Red Carpet (because we aren’t celebs) but we can surely adopt Red Carpet hairstyles while attending functions organized by our family and friends or during the wedding party.

As a hairdressing professional, I can tell you, getting a Red Carpet look is not very difficult. The common belief is that it is time consuming and requires using expensive products. The truth is you can get a look just like your favorite celeb if you consult your hairstylist and tell him/her about your exact requirements.

How to get a Red Carpet Look

Here’s a video tutorial where one of Hollywood's most sought after hairstylists - Tyler Colton demonstrates how to achieve a Red Carpet look quickly and easily. The technique shown in this cosmetology education video is extremely effective if you are short on time and need a celebrity look!

If you follow fashion closely, you should be able to identify what works for you and what doesn’t. However, if you are confused or don’t know which look to copy, you better visit your hairstylist and he/she will give you the right advice on which Red Carpet hairstyle you should try depending upon your face shape, your makeup and your dress.


Red Carpet hairstyles are not limited to celebrities and they can be worn by everyone like you and me. The key is to decide which look suits you the best and whether you have the confidence to carry it out! Get help from your hairstylist to freeze your favorite look, and you can get a Red Carpet look quick and easy.


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