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Reebok Classic

Updated on March 13, 2014

A little history

For a company as well known and respected as Reebok it is amazing how little most people know about the history of the company.

Reebok proper started in 1958 but the lineage of the company stretches back to 1890 when J.W. Foster started to make running shoes in Holcombe Brook which was a village just outside of Bolton. Foster was soon joined by his two sons and the business gradually started to grow and gain support, by 1895 the company J.W. Foster and Sons was born.

The company continued through out the next few decades with great success and the shoes improved with every year. By 1958 the company had been passed down the generations of the family and the grand sons of J.W Foster where now in charge and they were looking for a new direction, it was at this point that they changed the name of the company to Reebok and the modern era of the company was born.

Reebok Classic

Reebok's flag ship shoe and probably the trainer which embodies Britishness like no other is of course the Reebok Classic.

First released in 1983 the Classic could claim to be one of the first running shoes which had it's eye on the casual fashion market, and it took this market by storm quickly becoming the trainer to be seen in and a staple of British fashion.

Some of the reasons for it's success are it's clean lines and the fact that it is built for comfort ability, which makes the trainer perfect for the streets and the all leather pairs became famed for there wipe clean attributes.

By the time the Nineties came the shoe had a huge following and they were claimed to be the perfect pub shoe for the Brit-Pop generation, and once the mid-nineties scenes melted away they became a shoe of legend to bands like The Streets and Arctic Monkey who wrote about them teary eyed in their songs.

At present the shoe is enjoying a renaissance and it won't be long before they are back at their rightful place at the top of the tree.

Reebok Workout

The Reebok Workout is my favorite of all the Reebok trainers, it is the more casual cousin of the Reebok Classic and a favorite with casuals, hip hoppers and ravers alike.

The shoe is soft and rounded and it was originally designed for the growing fitness trends of the eighties.

The white Workout was always made from the softest of leathers and they were one of the first trainers that bought a bit of luxury to the training shoe market.

In 2012 it was the 25 anniversary of the Reebok Workout Plus which was first launched in 1987.

The plus was the same shoe as before but with a few extra panel which helped support and toughen the trainer, it also gave the shoe it's ultimate look and cemented it's place in trainer legend.

Here is a promotional video from last years 25th anniversary release.

The Future

As people turn back to things that they know and too things that they can rely on Reebok's time will come again. Trainers like the Classic and Workout can not be denied and they have been out of the spot light for too long.

I think that the people of Britain will see that these shoes are part of their street wear heritage and the current trend for American trainer brands will end. This has already started to happen with the alpha consumers and the trickle down effect has already started to take place.

Today's new trends for British music and the re-insurgence of our club culture will fuel this renaissance as people look to re-identify themselves with our strong and creative past.

Now is the time for us to remember the heady days of the mid eighties and early nineties, but not the chart version which high street stores have been pushing for sometime, it is the artistic and cultured version that will return, the version that made people form groups and put on parties in warehouses, it's the version that made you follow your team around the country and dress your best, it is the version that when you looked down at the feet of these groups 9 out of 10 had on a Reebok shoe.

Reebok x Palace Skateboards

Reebok's rise back up through the ranks of the sneaker world continues and there recent collaborations with Palace Skateboards has cemented them as the hippest trainer brand out at the moment.

The have strengthened some of the classic Reebok shoes in the SB style and they have made them withstand all the punishment that skateboarding can bring.

One shoe they have used is the Reebok Workout which is one of their best seller and a shoe that has taken well to the adjustments that Palace have made to them, from the outside you would not know that anything has happened but as soon as you put them on you can tell that they are a very different shoe indeed.


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