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Regain Luscious Plumper Lips with a Natural Plant Collagen Essence Mask

Updated on October 28, 2013

Everyone loves luscious, full lips that feel smooth and silky. However, as we get older the condition of our lips deteriorates.

Botox and other chemical fillers are often used to try and restore youthful looking lips. While some people spend a fortune on these treatments, they never look natural and in some cases downright abnormal.

There are safer, more effective treatments available to give the lips a boost naturally.

Crystal Collagen Lip Masks are a fantastic, all natural product from Uplifting Therapies.

Available from their Uplifting Beauty selection, this collagen essence mask restores smooth contours and plump lips by naturally rejuvenating the lip tissue.

The lips are left looking naturally luscious and feeling great. Crystal Collagen Lip Masks utilizes special plant extracts and other natural ingredients that are well-known for supporting healthy skin and lips.

Plant collagen is one of the major active ingredients in Crystal Collagen Lip Masks. Collagen is very important for our lips because it provides them with volume and stops the development of fine lines.

The amount of collagen produced for our lips is reduced as we get older. Consequently, the lips start to lose their firmness and shape.

This collagen essence mask restores the absent collagen and evens out the skin, leaving the lips plumper and smoother.

As well as replacing collagen, Crystal Collagen Lip Masks also help to boost collagen production.

The inclusion of Ginseng and seaweed extracts supply the lips with vital nutrients that stimulate healthy cell regeneration.

These nutrients also nourish and hydrate the lips, keeping them firm, while also remaining subtle and smooth.

Crystal Collagen Lip Masks not only boost collagen and nourish the lips; they also help to remove any impurities that may have built up within the lip tissue.

This collagen essence mask achieves this through the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. Although already present within the skin, sometime the concentration of this complex sugar is too low.

Since one of its functions is to transport toxins away from the skin cells, boosting its concentration is very important for enhancing the condition of the lips.

Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is also important for retaining moisture in the lips and supplying nutrients.

While the ingredients of this collagen essence mask are impressive, the absorption rate is equally as remarkable.

Crystal Collagen Lip Masks have been formulated to enable a 98 percent absorption rate. This ensures that the lips receive the maximum possible results from this treatment. It only takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the Crystal Collagen Lip Masks to work their magic.

The public response has been very favorable, with one customer explaining “I have finally found a lip mask that actually works and is gentle on my skin.

I really love Crystal Collagen Lip Masks and they’re now part of my regular beauty regime, I wouldn’t be without them!”

If you would like to find out more information about these collagen essence masks or place an order, you can go to or visit Uplifting Therapies’ retail page on www.


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