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Relaxer To Locks You Make the Choice

Updated on February 4, 2011

Getting Ready For The Change

You have been down this road before. It's Saturday morning, you are off from work and it's time to stop in to see your hairstylist. You have made your business to not scratch your scalp for about 48 hours because you are due for a touch up.

This is the time many of us start wearing more hats and simple gels in our hair to keep it tame. Somehow our natural hair peeks out over our edges near our ears or at the nape of our necks and we are beyond desperate to make sure that we get that hair to lay back down straight.

So we have our money ready, books, music player and gum ready for the long wait at the salon. You already know this is going to be a long day. The salon will be full of beautiful sisters waiting their turn to slick down the natural curl and have it curled, spritzed and weaved to perfection. You already know you will spend a minimum of four to six hours to get this process done since your hair stylist will be working on about five to six heads at a time. You know too well that if your scalp is about to burn like it is on fire to be as straight as possible. But you are ready. Why? Because you intend to win the war that your kinky naps have waged on you since the day you lost your baby hair.

Today there is a curiousness because when you take a seat in the salon there is a beautiful woman with hair down her back. You see tiny ringlets of lightly brown tinted hair with black roots walk in and being a conversation with the receptionist.

"Is that her real hair?" You hear other women around you begin to ask."Oh Girl it has to be a weave that hair is way too long", you hear a voice say behind you. "Yeah those have to be extensions cause I ain't never seen a sista with that much hair."

This beautiful woman comes and grabs a seat next to you and she smiles at you leaning forward to pick up a magazine off of the pile in the middle of the white coffee table. You smile back and can't help but stare at the cascading curls that lay on her shoulders. Naturally as you sit here with your hair wrapped in a scarf waiting for your turn on the sodium hydroxide block, you want to strike up conversation and see what the truth is about her hair.

You don't have to because before long a young, curious onlooker blurts it out and asks "Scuse and my friends want to know is that all your real hair?" The silence in the salon is so loud you could have heard a pin drop. Because certainly no one would be so bold as to assume that this black woman could no grow her own hair. She would have had to have purchased it and had it sown in or glued on piece at a time.

This woman who seemed to have stepped off a another planet simply smiles and says "Yes it's all mine. It took me eight years to grow it but they are all mine."

Gasps, wow's and girrrrrrl can be heard all over the salon. Because now everyone including you wants details on how in the world she got her hair to look like that and be that beautiful.

"Well what did you do? I need my hair to look like that. Can I touch it?" the young lady asks unashamedly.

"I have locks, dreads, braidlocks. Some people think they are Sisterlocks but they aren't." this woman responds tossing her hair out of her face.

At that moment you knew whatever she had on her head, you had to have it. You knew what dreadlocks were but these were tiny and perfect and they were curled and she was gorgeous with them!

You silently get up and walk out of the salon without so much as a good bye or a reschedule. Sliding into your car you know that the time had come for freedom and no matter what you were going to have the freedom, versatility and beauty that this woman had.

You take you scarf off of your head look in your rear view mirror while running your fingers to the roots of your hair feeling your naps. You think to yourself "Ok it's time. No more perms. I want my hair to be just as beautiful as that."

The question now is where do you begin?

The Author with 7 year old braidlocks.
The Author with 7 year old braidlocks.

After The Big Chop

The Big Chop

Making the decision to go completely natural does not have have to be a scary or nerve wracking experience. There are so many more options you can take before beginning your journey to completely natural hair.

Here are some things you can do to help the transition from a relaxer to your natural hair.

  • Wear you hair in natural styles such as individual braids or Sengalese (kinky) twists
  • Consider trying lock extensions seeking the help of a professional natural hair care stylist
  • Wear a weave or other hair extensions to protect your hair during this process since your hair is at its weakest when the natural hair and the relaxer meet.
  • Keep your hair washed and conditioned regularly during this time
  • Wear a nice leave in conditioner at all times
  • Try not to manipulate your hair with combing and brushing to keep breakage to a minimum.
  • Don't be afraid to try pretty scarves, hair barrettes and jewelry during this process of celebrating your transition

The final thing that you want to consider in this decision to cut your hair and go natural is make sure that you apologize to no one for this process. If you know that this is what you want go for it. There will be no regrets.

In the next article we will discuss the cut and install of your locks and how you can do it.

I really hope you found this article entertaining and informative.

See you next time!



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