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Remington hair clippers reviewed

Updated on May 7, 2013

We will start with a mid-range pair, because that is likely to be where most people will buy from, although I have to say – there is a very very wide range of pricing when it comes to buying clippers from almost any brand. Remington is not the only one with a wide range of prices, basically – you can buy anywhere from about $12 -$150, and unless you have used them all – as I have, it is hard to tell difference from the outside looking in.

I decided to stick with Remington Clippers in this review, because they're such a well-known brand and have so many models in their product range at the moment, that's trying to compare them to other brands would be far too confusing.

In any case – these are what I consider to be the best, most value for money Clippers from Remington.

Remington HC-8017B Precision 22 Piece Corded Haircut Kit

As I said – we will start with a mid-range price, and this particular model comes with a massive range of accessories, including scissors, blade guards, and cleaning kit. it does not need to be lubricated, unlike many other pairs, because it has stainless steel "Lube-for-Life," blades.

The reason I'm suggesting this one, apart from the fact that it comes with so many accessories is a combination of a strong motor, the fact that you don't need to lubricate it, and how easy it is to use, because of the low vibration this particular motor puts out. If – like me – you have small hands, this one is very well suited because of the ergonomic design.

I liked it myself, although I have heard a lot of complaints from people about the guards breaking, but I have never experienced that issue myself. If anything, this one is little lightweight, and I could see how that might be an issue – but for the money I think it's okay.

Remington HC5850 Indestructible Haircut Kit

Another mid-range price model, this one is a little more expensive than the preceding one, once again – if you have small hands – this is a great piece of equipment is it really is quite light and easy to handle.

The sales pitch says it is "virtually indestructible," and although I've used it in quite a few with it, I find that somewhat difficult to believe. The fact is – these things are tools to be used time and time again – and there is no such thing as indestructible, virtually or otherwise. Use regularly and I expect these last 2 to 5 years, which I do not consider to be indestructible.

Once again – I will be very surprised if these don't destruct at some point, but I found them very comfortable with a good cutting action. For around $30, once again, I think they are good value for money in the mid-range price bracket.

Remington HC5950 Touch Control Haircut Kit

A slightly more expensive model, the great thing about this one is the adjustable guards. We are slowly getting towards more like a professional pair of clippers, although these are perhaps not powerful enough to be considered professional.

I like them and I think that if you don't pay more than $50 for them, they are once again good value for money. I can certainly recommend these apparent hindquarters, especially if you are a man cutting your own hair, because most people seem to complain that they lose the guards, you don't have to worry about this with the built-in adjustable guard.

Nice and quiet, easy to use, and highly recommended as a home clipper.

Remington Premium Hair Clippers - Ceramic Blade - Cord/Cordless - 26 Piece Kit

Now we are talking! These will run either with or without a cord, but the battery is extremely long-lasting, and I very much doubt you'll ever need to use it plugged in unless you are cutting several people's hair at the same time.

Once again, these do not need to be lubricated but in this case it is because they have ceramic blades which I found to give a very nice cut. This is somewhat harder to use than some of the smaller models I've reviewed in the first part of this article, but still I found them comfortable enough to hold without too much difficulty.

I must admit, I really like this particular brand for some reason, and the ceramic blades and quiet running motor makes this one very appealing. Not quite professional grade, but still an extremely good piece of kit.

Remington Complete Hair Clipper Hc-1050

These are fantastic value for money, I usually see them for sale Amazon for only nine dollars or so, which, when you consider the strength of the motor, and the quality of the stainless steel blades, I think they are probably the best cheap pair of hair clippers you can buy for less than $10.

Don't expect them to last forever at this price, but they will do a fine job of cutting hair without any fuss and trouble. They will need to be lubricated and cleaned out more often than the more expensive pairs, but as the saying goes – you get what you pay for under nine dollars I don't think you can complain.

Nice, cheap set of clippers that will get the job done.


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