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Remington ms2 390 microscreen rechargeable corded men's shaver

Updated on July 5, 2011

The Remington ms2 390 Microscreen Corded Men’s Shaver brings two words to mind right away: “affordable” and “performance”

The Remington ms2 390 shaver is attracting high praise in consumer magazines and from customers who are calling it one of the best buys of the year. One consumer site said in its Remington ms2 390 review that this product rivals shavers that cost twice as much. Granted, there are not a lot of bells and whistles on this one, but it is a good basic shaver that will get the job done without costing a lot of money to purchase.

The Remington ms2 390 boasts an advanced shaving system that relies on two microscreens. The screens work in tandem with a trimmer to deliver the closest shave you can get. The shaver incorporates something called Comfor Tech contour. That basically means the screens flex and tilt to adjust to the contours of you face. The microscreens also work to give you that close without becoming painful or uncomfortable. Remington has taken innovations first introduced with the Remington ms2 370 and the Remington ms 2 270, refined it and made it more appealing to buyers.

The shaver has 2 blades coated with titanium. Titanium means it’s strong enough to handle the toughest hair and the blades will not wear out as fast saving you money in the long run.

The Remington Ms2 is washable so you can rinse it off when you finish using it. No need to worry about soaking or purchasing some additional cleansing solution.

There’s a 3 position pop up trimmer will be appreciated for precision when navigating problem areas like the cheek and near hairlines.

Users say one of the things they like most about this Remington rechargeable shaver is the long lasting battery. Once charged, it has at least 60 minutes shave time stored and ready to go. There’s a quick charge feature which that serves two purposes. First, it lets you get a fast charge in an hour. Second, it lets you fully discharge the battery to keep it from building up a memory which prolongs the battery life.

The shaver offers flexibility. You can plug it and shave or use the battery. The battery power gives you mobility whether you’re walking from room to room or if you need to toss it in a suitcase without dragging the cord along. The Remington MS 2 390 comes with its own deluxe travel pouch,

You’ll never have to guess if your Remington Ms2 390 is charging or not, an indicator light will always let you know.

For the most part, users like this product, but there are still some criticisms. Some customers think the shaver is too loud.

Others would prefer the shaver included a cleaning base instead of just a cleaning brush.

A number of users criticized the trimmer is just too bulky to be of any good use.

Remington ms2 390 sells for $54-$70.00


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