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Remove Ugly Skin Tags at Home Easily

Updated on December 13, 2010


How To Remove Skin Tags at Home

Did you ever wonder if you could remove skin tags at home?

Can I cut off skin tags? Yes, I can tell you how to remove skin tags, ugly skin tags. Even skin tags on my neck, skin tags under my arm, or possibly a skin tag on my belly? Yes, yes and yes!

Below are instructions to remove skin tags yourself. The best advice I can give when following these directions is to make sure everything is clean and sanitized.

For performing this little "snip" surgery, these are the items you will need:

  • Good quality sterilizing alcohol and/or alcohol pads.
  • Antibiotic ointment or cream.
  • Band-aid, gauze pad.
  • A good sharp pair of pointed scissors or a toenail clipper.
  • Strong thread or dental floss.
  • Soap and water.
  • Ice cubes or ice pack

It is essential to sterilize the toe nail clippers, as well as the skin surrounding the skin tag. Clean the area with soap and water, dry the area thoroughly, and then clean the area again with alcohol, or an alcohol pad, rubbing firmly in a 2 inch circle around the tag.

Try using a well sterilized, sharp, toenail clipper or even a good quality sharp scissors that have been well sanitized or sterilized by boiling or cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

Get a long length of dental floss or strong thread, long enough to easily tie. Gently pull the tag straight out, tie the dental floss or thread tightly around very bottom of the skin tag stem.

This cuts off the blood supply to the tag. Leave this on for a couple minutes to help decrease the pain sensation.  Just make sure it is tight.

Hold an ice cube or ice pack on the skin tag for 30 seconds to a couple minutes (I put the skin tag between 2 ice cubes) to decrease the pain factor.  The cold also helps further reduce the blood supply to the tag.  Have your sanitized clippers or scissors ready.

Place the skin tag between the clipper’s cutters as far down the stem of the skin tag as possible.  Firmly squeeze and cut the skin tag. Leave the thread or dental tied for a couple minutes yet. This helps decrease any bleeding.

Immediately apply gauze with some pressure for a couple minutes. Cleanse the area again with soap and water. Apply some antibiotic ointment to a band-aid and firmly place over the spot where the skin tag was.

Keep an eye on the area for a couple days to make sure it doesn't get infected.  Take care to clean the area well.  If you were diligent about sanitizing everything, including your fingers, you should not have a problem. 

You just saved some money by avoiding an office visit to a doctor.  Pretty easy, wasn't it?

Warts and moles are another issue. I don't think I would try this remedy to remove warts and moles. I can give you information where you can get a program that educates you in removing warts, moles and skin tags at home. It is highly recommended reading if you are sick of ugly skin tags, big moles, or embarrassing warts.



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      6 years ago

      You can have a variety of choice that will remove tags at home but just be a little cautious since they can be really serious if they are not attentively treated since there's a high tendency of acquiring infection.

      Freezing with liquid nitrogen is commonly used option. Doctors burn them off with liquid nitrogen without causing pain. Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold substance, which tears down skin on contact. It can be used to wipe out the tags, but extreme care is needed as it will destroy health skin too.

      Other helpful resources:


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