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Wrinkle Fillers | Duct Tape Vs Frownies

Updated on September 23, 2015
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I am a Webmaster of 15 years and also a Field Investigator. I recently started started as Author for Hub Pages quite recently.

Duct Tape Vs Frownies

It would appear there has been a recent breakthrough in home beauty aids. Duct tape appears to first runner-up in anti-aging wrinkle removal beauty aids. Duct tape has been put to the test as a direct competitor against the popular dermal patches, "Frownies". Frownies are dermal patches are known to work just as effective as a botox dermal filler. In addition to being the latest botox alternative, Frownies have also been known to reduce the appearance or stretch marks, cellulite, remove scars and treat oily skin.

Frownies dermal patches are designed to treat and fill wrinkled skin and expression lines and have demonstrated to be very effective wrinkle fillers. Frownies dermal patches are pre-cut and easily fit and contoured to trouble spots of the face where noticeable expression and fine lines appear to fill in crow's feet, forehead lines and lines around the mouth while offering a safe effective temporarily solution for wrinkles when used correctly applied to fresh clean skin. After one three-hour application you will notice a difference in the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines.

Duct tape when used in the same manner as Frownies, cut into pieces and applied to the skin for a one three-hour application offered the same results as Frownies dermal patches at a fraction of the cost. After a 3 hour application of duct tape dermal patches, during the process of removal, it was observed that the duct tape patches is for slightly a bit tighter to lift and remove but did not present an issue. After the duct tape Dermal patch were removed from the skin, the skin was noticeably plump and filled. There was a slight redness to report on the treated areas but diminished within a few minutes, leaving great impressive long lasting results throughout the day without hefty expenses of injections or surgery.

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