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Removing Green from Blonde Hair After Swimming

Updated on March 28, 2012

Many blondes know the feeling of looking in the mirror after swimming in a pool and seeing a light green hue cast over their beautiful blonde locks. Yikes! Many people believe blonde hair turns green from the chlorine in the pool, but that is not entirely true. Blonde hair takes on the green cast from the algaecides pool owners add to the water to keep the water from turning green. Many algaecides contain copper, which creates a hostile environment for the algae. Many blondes are blonde thanks to their hair stylist or at home dye kits. The bleach and coloring agents makes the hair very porous. As blondes dunk their hair in the water, the copper settles into the hair strands and oxidizes. Just like when you have an outdoor copper piece, it takes on a green patina from the water and elements oxidizing the copper.

Blondes are not the only hair color to suffer this fate; it’s just easier to see the green when you are blonde. Removing the green does not require an emergency salon visit or a crew cut. The copper oxidation needs to be neutralized. Thankfully, it’s easy to neutralize a green patina.

Getting Rid of Green Pool Hair with a Home Remedy

Get into the shower or better yet a bathtub.

Thoroughly saturate your hair under the running water for at least one to two minutes.

Shampoo you hair with your normal shampoo.

Rinse the shampoo out of your hair completely.

Add 2 tablespoons of powder lemon drink mix such as Kool-Aid to a plastic cup and pour in hair conditioner while stirring. Continue to add conditioner until the Kool-Aid is blended into the conditioner. If you have long hair, use more powdered lemon drink mix and more conditioner, so that you have enough to coat your hair entirely.

Scoop up some of the mixture with your fingers and spread it through your hair. It is going to feel dry and make your hair feel straw-like, but it is not damaging your hair, it is just the feeling of coating your hair in Kool-Aid.

Sit back in the tub and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse the Kool-Aid and conditioner out of your hair. Continue to rinse for one to two minutes after the water runs clear from rinsing.

Wash your hair a second time with shampoo.

Apply your conditioner from scalp to ends and let it sit for three to five minutes before rinsing.

Done! No more green!

Green Hair Tips

If you are a homeowner only use algaecides that do not contain copper to prevent blondes from turning green.

If you are a blonde, wet your hair thoroughly with water from a hose, tap or use your bottled water to soak your hair before diving into a pool. The water beforehand will saturate the hair strands and help to keep the copper particles from settling into the porous strands of hair.

You can also use clarifying shampoos made especially to strip chlorine and unwanted chemicals out of your hair.

You can use any type of powdered lemon drink mix.


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