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How To Make Resin Jewelry Tutorials

Updated on April 12, 2011

Suspended in crystal clear resin birds fly, stars are born, women dance and universes take eternal pause. Swirling colors freeze in whirling time, sparkles are captured, and the body becomes more than a vehicle from one place to another, it becomes a work of art.

Resin jewelry is a popular form of adornment that is coming back in this season, which is fortunate and stylish on many levels. Resin jewelry truly is the great equalizer in the world of jewelry, it can just as easily be created by a master artisan as an absolute beginner, though obviously, works created by master artisans tend to be more attractive and have a higher monetary value placed on them because resin jewelry might be a lot of things, but it's certainly not a communist.

For example, the piece featured in the first picture you can view with your eyes is a designer hand made piece of resin jewelry created by Fernworks jeweler and mixed media artist extraordinaire, Faryn Davis. That particular piece will set you back around $115 USD.

If that's a little bit out of your current budget, you can buy supplies for making your own resin jewelry, with a beginner's kit costing about half the price.

The process of making simple resin jewelry is accessible to most all people with reasonable manual dexterity, though it is not suitable for unsupervised children due to the nature of the potentially dangerous chemicals. Essentially the process of creating resin jewelry is the process of using a mold, adding your art work (which can be paper art work coated with a sealer, or stones, gems, pieces of grass, really whatever takes your fancy and fits in the mold), creating the resin by mixing hardener and epoxy, and poring the resulting resin into the mold. Resin can also be colored with dyes to create colored resin jewelry as opposed to the typical clear resin jewelry one often sees.

One needs to be careful when using resin that one allows for adequate ventilation - the fumes from resin are deeply dangerous to your health. It is also a good idea to have wax paper covering wherever you'll be pouring resin. Resin tends to stick to things, and if it doesn't asphyxiate you, it'll ruin your furniture.It is also important not to throw the old bits and pieces of epoxy coated pieces of paper and plastic cups out into the trash, because the reaction between epoxy and hardener creates heat, which can potentially be a fire hazard.

There are several excellent sites containing tutorials for the creation of various types of resin jewelry on the Internet, I've included some of them in this article for your further education.

Skinner Studio Resin Jewelry Tutorials


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