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Reversible Fleece Jacket

Updated on January 18, 2011

Greetings and welcome to another hub. This time I would like to try and tackle fashion. While there is no unisex fashion category here at HubPages, I might as well place this under women’s clothing styles since I think more women will search for fleece jackets than men.

About fleece jackets

A reversible fleece jacket is an excellent piece of garment to have. Fleece provides excellent warmth and is very light; you get more than enough protection without getting too bulky. Being as this hub is reversible-specific, the jackets presented here provide excellent value for money. Most reversible jackets are lined with fleece on both sides, and the change of sides gives and instant change of color and style, giving you virtually two jackets for the price of one.

What to look for in a fleece jacket

Piling on multiple layers in really-cold winter works, but if you want to retain a sense of style, fleece jackets do the job well. As mentioned earlier, they do not get very bulky so without the excess padding, the jacket can be styled by the manufacturers and designers without any hindrance.

While these jackets are relatively simply style niches, there remain some options and things to look out for when buying a piece for you or your loved one.

First thing to look out for is the style. Of course, you would want to be able to wear the jacket, and not the other way around. If you are not comfortable with the style and print, it will show in your demeanor—people can tell, trust me on this!

For maximum warmth and protection, consider buying thermal fleece. This is the way to go for places with extreme winters.

As this article is about reversible jackets as well, let me just remind you that going reversible is a very practical decision. Two looks for the price of one really should cut it.

Cold weather becomes very wet so it is important (for some, at least) to get waterproof fleece. And finally, to get maximum cold weather protection, consider getting one with gartered hems. The openings are your weakest areas when protecting against cold weather so make sure you prevent cold air from entering and reaching your body.

Finally, some deals


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