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Review: NYC 2-in-1 City Duet Lipstick Duo in 425 "The Red Hots"

Updated on June 6, 2017
4 stars for NYC City Duet Lipstick

Great Bargain!


  • Product: NYC 2-in-1 City Duet Lipstick Duo
  • Color: 425 "The Red Hots"
  • Size: .13oz
  • Price: I paid $2.02+tax at Target in Southern California when it first came out. It has gotten much more expensive since then, and the price has doubled. Other popular retailers also sell the lipstick. WalMart cost is $4.95+tax; Sears is $7.99-$10.59; but Walgreens no longer carries it.
  • Compare to: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick at $16.99+tax.
  • Use: This 2-in-1 Duo is a lip conditioner and lip color in one. This makes your make up bag and bathroom sink less cluttered. The conditioner (lighter) side can also be used alone as a type of chap-stick with just a tint of color. I also used it to make gash wounds on my neck and face for Halloween!

Overall Product: ***** 4/5 Stars

I started this review by exfoliating my lips, applying the lighter side, then applying the red color. The lipstick was a good size, easy to handle, and easy to apply. The color did stain a bit, so be wary about coloring outside of your lip lines. In the beginning, my lips felt moisturized, but as the color smudged, stained, and faded, my lips felt dry. Overall, NYC City Duet is a steal for the price, especially if you are wary about lipstick.


  • Love the 2-in-1 aspect
  • Color looks great in photos
  • Great price and availability
  • Adversity of skin tones it fits on
  • Uncluttered effect
  • Moisturizing, light feeling, non-greasy when applied


  • Vivid color only lasts about 2 hours
  • Stains lips, difficult to remove
  • After color is gone, leaves lips feeling dry
  • Stains cups, worried it was smearing

I have olive skin, light eyes, and brown hair.
I have olive skin, light eyes, and brown hair.
Sarah has light skin, dark eyes, and dark brown hair (naturally blonde).
Sarah has light skin, dark eyes, and dark brown hair (naturally blonde).

Adaptability: **** 4/5 Stars

I tried this lipstick on three different people (see photos). (I cannot find the photo for one so we'll just focus on me and Sarah). First, there's me. I have an olive skin tone, green eyes, medium sized lips, and brown hair. I thought the color looks fabulous, especially going for the red-lip trend. Then, I put it on my teenage sister who has pale skin, brown eyes, thin lips, and dark brown hair. I though it looked pretty punk rock, especially with her lip ring. However, Sarah remarked that she wouldn't wear it because "lipstick is weird". I guess lipstick is for the older crowd.

Price: *** 3/5 Stars

Unfortunately the price on this product has doubled since I purchased it several years ago. It really is a good, solid lipstick but with the price of mascara and foundation being so outrageous, it's hard to justify spending $5-$10 on lipstick.

Availability: ***** 5/5 Stars

This lipstick can be found virtually anywhere. Target, WalMart, CVS, RiteAid,, Ebay, Amazon, etc. You're sure to find the right lipstick in the right color for your taste!

Ultimate test!
Ultimate test!

Staying Power: *** 3.5/5 Stars

After 20 minutes, I drank from a cup and a straw (see photo). There was heavy residue left on the cup and the straw. After 30 minutes, I gave my son a big kiss, which left a big mama mark on his cheek. It was difficult to remove once most of the color was gone. I had to use a baby wipe to get it off.

How I Put on Lipstick


This is just a little video so you can see the actual application of the lipstick. Here are some tips I've learned through the years:

  1. Exfoliate your lips. You can do this with a washcloth or even some exfoliating body wash. By exfoliating, you remove the top layer of dead or rough tissue. This will prevent feathering.
  2. Condition your lips. This is where the 2-in-1 comes in handy.
  3. Put it on, Hunny! Dab color from inside the lip to the outside, leaving a thin part of the outer lips bare. Rub your lips together and this area will naturally fill.
  4. Blot on a piece of tissue.
  5. Kiss! (Or do a Facebook duck lips photo pose.)

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