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Review of 3 High-End Mascaras: Dior Iconic, Lancôme Hypnose, and Benefit Roller Lash

Updated on March 17, 2015

Coming in at #3… Dior Iconic Mascara

There’s no glaring problem with Dior Iconic, but for its price at $28.50, it just doesn’t deliver. It’s got a little bit of everything: some length, some volume, and some layering power, but that doesn’t cut it when it comes to your mascara. I am one to use several layers of mascara, and it didn’t clump too badly, but it did run out extremely quickly! It’s also one of those messy-tubes—it clumps and dries around the edges of the tube, creating a constant cleanup job for you.

So, if you already have made this purchase, you’ll be alright. Your lashes won’t look naked or extra clumpy, but the tube won’t last long and you won’t be staring at yourself in the mirror all night.

Three stars.


Coming in at #2… Benefit Roller Lash

I have two samples of Benefit Roller Lash that I am currently using, and I really enjoy the look it gives my lashes. It delivers color, length, and volume that I’ve gotten several compliments on. There are two problems I have had with it: 1) yanking out my lashes and 2) limited layering power.

My lashes may be naturally long, but I don’t have an endless supply, so I get upset when I see them coming off onto my makeup remover pads night after night. Almost every time I take this mascara off I lose two or three eyelashes. I’ve tried being gentler, but this stuff doesn’t come off easy. It probably lasts for a long time, but as someone who likes to take her makeup off every day, I don’t appreciate losing the lashes over it.

The Benefit Roller Lash mascara does provide volume with just a layer or two, which is really nice for those of us who want to do a quick mascara job. I have been frustrated, though, with layering it. One night I was going out and taking my time on my makeup. Even though I was letting my mascara dry between coats, it began pulling all of my eyelashes together on the third go. It looked ridiculous and I had a lot of trouble separating them—I had to take it all off and start from scratch. Now THAT’s frustrating.

At $24.00, Benefit Roller Lash is certainly a better purchase than Dior’s Iconic Mascara, and you’ll love how it looks on your lashes. Beware, though, of the lash-losing and the limited layering.

Three and a half stars.


Coming in at #1… Lancôme Hypnose

I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I have used countless mascaras since using it and have never found its match. My favorite is probably the “drama” version—I also tried “doll lashes” and was not quite as satisfied as I was with “drama.” This mascara gives you sky-high, big, black lashes and doesn’t clump. I could layer all day and my eyelashes just got longer and thicker with every layer. People noticed my eyelashes all the time, and would even ask if they were eyelash extensions.

You’d think with all that layering I might have a hard time taking it off—nope! It came off with makeup remover like a charm, without leaving me feeling like I was yanking my lashes out. Each tube also lasted me a decent amount of time. I did have to restock regularly since I use so much mascara, but it lasts much longer than the tube of Dior Iconic Mascara that I had.

Lancôme Hypnose Drama is absolutely worth the buy at $27.50. Another way to go is finding and buying a bunch of the small sample versions of it—there is something that makes this mascara even better when it’s fresh, and I feel like the small sample versions last long enough to end up saving me money.

Five stars.

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