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Review of : Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver

Updated on July 17, 2011

Have you ever counted the times that you were pricked from manual shaving? One, two, three times? Or probably it’s more than that. Surely it would be such an embarrassment to come to the office with that wound on your face, or go to a date with such a scar. Shaving manually is an old hat! You don’t need to bear that pain of cutting yourself accidentally with a dangerous manual shaving device. Braun releases electric shavers for men. And now, they are introducing a new line of electric shavers called the Braun series 7. The Braun electric shavers are made distinctly for men.

Made for outstanding smoothness, this electric shaver glides through your face so easily that cutting yourself would be a long gone problem. Your skin will feel comfortable as it slide along your face. The Braun series 7 790cc pulsonic shaver features a pulsonic technology—an active shaving head that swings at over 10,000 micro-vibrations every minute, giving us the closest yet the most relaxed shave ever. Its sharpest yet exceptional blade innovation takes off hair within a single stroke without the uncomfortable pulls and tugs. You’ll never have to bother about getting wounded again, because these sharp blades, even as they are close to your face, would not harm you at all. It has a sensitive and bendable head that has double the adaptation angle, sensitive to the face three times than that of an average electric shaver. It follows your face contour smoothly and freely, giving you the cleanest trim according to the curve of your face.

Of course, you’re wondering about the cleaning up as well. For your better hygiene, electric or manual shaves must be cleansed up every after use to ensure that no other foils are left out. These left over strands will cause your device to not to function properly, or damage it so much as to break it. The Braun series 7 790cc electric shavers has an original Clean & Renew™ scheme that automatically sanitizes, lubricate, dry out and charge the shaver back in its former glory, making you feel like you have just used it for the first time, every time. With one touch of the Braun activator button after every use, it will be restored back to its original state. With its automatic clear out method, you won’t need to clean it up yourself. The Braun 8985 activator renews and restores your electric shaver as if it is just right out of the box. No need for cuts during clean ups. No need for messed up clean-ups too!  

A Braun 360 electric shaver can move it head from the entire angle. You can find these shavers and more at the Braun site or the local specialty stores. Even if you are using trusted devices from this brand, ensure your safety even in shaving. Hold your shaver at all times at a ninety degree angle to your face. Extend your skin and shave opposite the way of your beard or hair growth.

Awarded with the Men’s Health “Best Shave Tool of 2009,” you’ll never go wrong using this device. It will be every man’s companion. Have your best look without the cuts or the bruises with this Braun series 7 790cc pulsonic shaver. You’ll look the cleanest you can be by using Braun branded electric shavers.


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