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Review of Braun thermoscan ear thermometer with exactemp technology

Updated on July 16, 2011

If you have heard of Braun, then you must know that it is synonymous to the best electric shavers ever created for men’s use. Braun electric shavers have been known to have a patented pivot technology that follows around the contours of a man’s face. It also has a self cleaning, self lubricating technology that allows you to have the best and comfortable feel every time you use it. Their blades are the sharpest from Gillette, yet safe enough to trim the closest hairs in your face. You’d have no doubt that the Braun electric shaving set is a must have for every man in his needs.

Now, Braun releases another set of equipment. Introducing, the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer with Exactemp technology. Now, not to be associated not just with shaving, Braun extends its innovation for temperature reading. The Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer with Exactemp technology is created to help you aid when your loved one is down with a fever. Made with professional precision, it has a system that ensures accurate outcome. It has an infrared technology as well that takes warmth within a few seconds only. With children in mind, this Braun special device is created for comfortable and hassle free temperature taking during sickness. This equipment is so much trusted that even doctors use this for temperature reading.

When taking body temperature, we usually put the thermometer under the arm or at the temples. However, we are actually taking just the skin temperature and not the body warmth itself. This can be swayed by other factors, like flu or sweating. The eardrum shares its supply of blood within the core temperature control of the brain; the changes in body warmth can be shown sooner and with more precise in the ear. So using an ear thermometer can give you the best and accurate results other than the average thermometer.

The Braun 6022, one of the famous Braun Thermo scan, is a handy ear temperature reader that can be used easily. It is battery operated, with 3 functional buttons for your use. Its LED screen displays the beginning and end of temperature taking, and it reads either Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever is appropriate for you. What’s good with this thermometer is that it saves its last readings in memory. It reads temperature within seconds, so no need to wait for a longer time that will also give you inaccurate results.

Another thermo scan is the Braun 4520. it reads the radiation emitted from the eardrum. It has a pre-warmed tip, a standard featured from the Braun thermo scanners, which makes it more comfortable to place in the ear. Your child will be scared no more when taking their temperatures. Another is the Braun IRT 4020. It has a soft and smaller speculum size that is best to use even for infants. Pediatricians recommend this product and see this as the most reliable method of taking your kid’s temperature.

All the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer with Exactemp technology are made with innovation and temperature reading precision. Clinically proven and accurate, used by even the doctors, this is your one top choice. Get the best results using Braun thermo scan technology.


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