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Review of Clinique Lower Lash Mascara

Updated on August 7, 2012
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Photo © Redberry Sky
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Photo © Redberry Sky

When my beauty consultant at my recent Clinique makeover applied different mascaras on my upper and lower lashes, I confess to a little scepticism. I’ve been using one mascara top and bottom since I first began to experiment with make up as a teenager, and to me it seemed that buying two products to do what is essentially the same job was just a way of doubling the money I spent.

However, I was really pleased with the overall results of my makeover, and cynicism put to one side I bought the products, and I have to admit that the Bottom Lash Mascara is quite literally a real eye-opener.

It’s a much smaller tube than a regular mascara, and the brush is very tiny. This means that where with a normal sized mascara brush I often make a mistake and catch it on my skin and have to spend a couple of painstaking minutes carefully dabbing at stray bits of black, with the much smaller brush I manage to apply it perfectly every time.

Size comparison of regular mascara wand (left) and Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara wand (right).  Photo © Redberry Sky.
Size comparison of regular mascara wand (left) and Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara wand (right). Photo © Redberry Sky.

Ease of Application

With regular-sized mascara brushes, I usually end up putting mascara only on the middle bottom lashes as lightly as possible – the brush is just too big to get to the inner and outer bottom lashes without making them stick together with excess mascara and usually dabbing a bit of mascara where it’s not meant to be. But with the teeny-weeny brush that comes with the bottom lash mascara, I easily managed to do every lash, even the smallest and lightest ones.

Star Rating of Bottom Lash Mascara

4 stars for Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Quick Summary of Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Application – very easy – the brush is specially designed for those small bottom lashes.

The Look – being able to easily and precisely apply mascara to my bottom lashes made a huge difference to my eye make up. It gives stunning, wide-awake eyes.

The Colour – There’s nothing fancy or unusual in the range – just ‘Black/Brown’ or ‘Black’. The colours are nice for everyday wear, but if I want to use a blue mascara on a night out, I’m going to be back to using one of the regular-sized wands again for my bottom lashes.

Smudging, Flaking and Glooping – after a few hours wear I had a small amount of flaking from the mascara, but on the whole it stood up very well. Be warned that there’s no ‘waterproof’ option though.

Hypoallergenic – putting a lot on, or very close to the root made my sensitive eyes sting after a couple of hours wear, but when I apply it as I normally do (avoiding going too close to the roots of the lashes), I don’t have problems with this product.

Value for Money - £11 ($10 in US) for a tube with the special brush. I’m planning on using the brush by itself with other mascaras when the mascara that came with it runs out, so I think that it’s good value for money.

Overall – I found this to be a brilliant idea - the tiny brush is what makes it for me. I’ve given it four stars because it loses a star in only having very limited colours, and no ‘waterproof’ option.

The Look of the Mascara After Application

My lashes are quite long naturally, but like everyone’s, their colour is much lighter at the ends, and particularly so on my bottom lashes. I found that the actual mascara itself was a little bit too thick, but if I really scraped as much as I could off the brush before I applied it, it gave a nice effect – of long, separated lashes that really opened and framed my eyes.

Mascara Colour

I got the ‘Black/Brown’ colour rather than the black, and it was a nice, deep rich colour that wasn’t too unnatural or harsh. It does tend more towards the ‘Brown’ end of the spectrum than the ‘Black’, though, so if you prefer to have very dark lashes, this colour might not deliver what you want. I’m a little disappointed that there are no ‘colourful’ options in the range – I would have liked a blue one for sparkly nights out, because I think that the improved application of mascara with this very small brush would really make colourful eye make up look stunning.

Lengthening and Thickening Qualities

This product doesn’t claim to lengthen or thicken lashes, but because of the smallness of the brush, it does easily reach and coat every area of the lash, which gives the appearance of long and luscious eyelashes.

Anti-Smudge Qualities, Flaking and ‘Gloop’ Build Up

I didn’t find this to be any more smudgable than any ordinary mascara – and perhaps it smudges a little bit less than a lot of other top-of-the-range ones. It won’t stand up to any real eye-rubbing (what mascara does!?) but once it has dried it doesn’t run or smudge without provocation! In fact on all three of the worst ‘mascara crimes’, the bottom lash mascara scored very highly in my opinion, and it stayed put on my lashes for hours at a time needing only a minimal occasional dab with a damp tissue to get the odd stray flake.

If there’s a little quibble I have with it on this point It’s that it’s not a waterproof mascara. So far I’ve been lucky, but if I get caught in the wind and my eyes water, I’m going to look like a panda in no time!

Hypoallergenic Qualities

The first time I had this on was during a makeover, and although my eyes didn’t sting at first, after a couple of hours they felt very uncomfortable and scratchy. But this is the nature of makeovers – the beauty consultant makes the make up really stand out by going a little overboard and putting on a lot of product.

I couldn’t tell at the time which eye make up product caused the scratchy feeling, but I suspect it was the bottom lash mascara because more than the top lash mascara, this was put on with an over-generous hand. When I’ve applied it myself, I’ve been a lot more sparingly, and I haven’t had a recurrence of the same problem.

Value for Money

A tube of this costs £11 ($10 in the US), but I’m expecting it to last for a full year since It’s only applied to one set of lashes. I also think it’s the brush that’s the most important thing – I think that once the mascara does run out I can transfer any of my regular mascaras onto it’s bristles using another mascara brush – and the brush itself will last forever! So all in all, this is very good value for money.


Although I was sceptical of Bottom Lash mascara at first, I think the very small brush is a great idea. I also like the mascara that comes with it, although I think that any plain (that is – not thickening or lengthening) mascara would work just as well with the brush.


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