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Review of Clinique ‘Butter Shine’ Lipstick

Updated on June 19, 2013
Photo © Redberry Sky
Photo © Redberry Sky

Clinique lipsticks have long been some of my favourites. They glide on smoothly and have strong staying power, needing a touch-up far less frequently than other brands.

What I love most about Clinique lipsticks is that they add a touch of glamour without being starkly unnatural-looking – they seem to me to be more about elegance and style than full-on heart-stopping partying.

The only disappointment I’ve had with the Clinique ranges of lip make up is that because they’re formulated to be so long-lasting, they also tend a little bit towards being on the dry side – with both the ‘High Impact’ range and the ‘Different’ range I really feel like my lips are coated, and I start to lick them unconsciously because they feel dry.

But with the ‘Butter Shine’ range, my lips feel, well, not exactly au naturel, but they do feel as though I’m using lip moisturiser rather than lipstick. I thought at first that this would mean that the lipstick wouldn’t have much staying power, but it’s actually not bad. I have found I need to reapply a little more often than I usually would, but it does last for a couple of hours before it fades to nothing.

Quick Review of Clinique's 'Butter Shine' Lipstick

Staying Power - this is better than I expected from a soft-shine moisturising lipstick. Expect to have to reapply a little more often than usual, but it will last a couple of hours.

The Colour - I like the muted and natural shades, but they may not be vibrant enough for some people. I'd use a richer lipstick range for a special or glitzy night out.

The Feel - I love the feel of this lipstick on my lips - it's like a very soft and delicate moisturiser. It's not greasy or sticky though!

Value - because it's very soft and needs reapplying a little more often, I think I'll need to repace it quite often, and at £16 ($15 in the US), it's something to consider.

Overall - this lipstick is just right for me. I like natural colours, and I've never had a lipstick feel so good on my lips. I give it 5 stars, but there's a lot of personal preference in that, and I don't think this lipstick is right for everyone.

The ‘Butteriness’ of the ‘Butter Shine’ Range

Clinique have somehow perfected a formula that is soft and moisturising but that doesn’t slide off or melt away. The stick itself is solid enough to last quite a long time – perhaps not as long as some of their more matte ranges, but I don’t think I’d have to buy replacements too often.

I was surprised to find that the softness of the lipstick doesn’t mean that it’s sticky or greasy – once it’s applied, and after a little judicious blotting, it behaves the way a very good moisturiser does: it seems to absorb into the lips rather than sit on the surface, but the colour stays in place.

The ‘Shine’ of the ‘Butter Shine’ Range

This is much more natural than it sounds, and the shine doesn’t mean that your lips will become a beacon! It does give a very nice appearance, though – soft and muted light, not wet and glistening. This is great for me, because I’m a fan of more natural make up, but if you prefer something bolder or glamorous, you will need a gloss to achieve a more striking look.

Another nice effect of the shine is that it does give a little illusion of slightly fuller lips. My lips are very ordinary, and a bit on the thin side, but the subdued shine and the moisturising action of the lipstick does make them look just that little bit plumper.

This is what the 'Adore U' shade of 'Butter Shine' lipstick looks like on my lips - muted, natural colour and a very soft shine.  Photo © Redberry Sky
This is what the 'Adore U' shade of 'Butter Shine' lipstick looks like on my lips - muted, natural colour and a very soft shine. Photo © Redberry Sky

The Colour of the ‘Butter Shine’ Range

Although the range is called ‘Colour Surge Butter Shine’, I think for some people the colours might not be vibrant enough. I prefer my colours to be understated, so I’m very pleased with the range, but others might feel that the name is misleading, because if you suit bright touches of colour, I think you’ll find that this range stays in the background too much for you. It’s not that there’s no colour, but I think that the shades are more for co-ordinating and highlighting a natural look than adding splashes of glam and glitz.

The ‘Colour Surge Butter Shine’ Range of Lipsticks – Would I Buy Again?

I love this range, and although I think it will mean applying my lipstick a little more often, and because of the softness of the stick itself perhaps buying more frequently, I’m happy to do that because of the moisturised feel it gives to my lips.

Having said that, for special evenings I’ll probably be using a different range because the ‘Butter Shine’ colours are more for everyday wear, and sometimes you need a bit more spice. But all in all I’m very pleased with this lipstick and I wouldn’t hesitate to make it a part of my regular make up collection and recommend it to others.


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    • plussizepixie profile image

      plussizepixie 4 years ago

      I'd been considering purchasing one of these lip colours for day wear so your hub has confirmed it would be a good choice. Thanks for doing the review work.

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 4 years ago

      Clinique is all I wear. Most other brand lipstick look cakey they never last or look natural.

      Nice review! Ping Ya

    • Redberry Sky profile image

      Redberry Sky 4 years ago

      Thanks plussizepixie :)

      Tamron - I agree, it's quite difficult to find a nice lipstick that doesn't look too stark against the skin. Cheers! :)

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