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Clinique Lash Power Mascara Review

Updated on July 24, 2012
Clinique Lash Power Mascara. Photo © Redberry Sky.
Clinique Lash Power Mascara. Photo © Redberry Sky.

Ease of Application

Lash Power really does power your lashes, and it is a good, down-to-earth mascara that doesn’t need ‘coaxing’ or too much fuss to apply quickly and evenly. The shape of the brush goes a long way towards making application easy, and the mascara itself goes on smoothly and with no clumping.

The long, slim Lash Power Mascara applicator wand (right) compared to another applicator wand - that of Clinique's High Impact Mascara (left).
The long, slim Lash Power Mascara applicator wand (right) compared to another applicator wand - that of Clinique's High Impact Mascara (left).

Lengthening and Thickening

Clinique don’t exactly claim lengthening and thickening properties for this mascara, but what they do claim is that the brush is shaped and tapered in such a way that it will reach every lash to coat it evenly.

For an everyday mascara, this is what I want. The more properties a mascara has, the thicker the product, and the more difficult it is to apply without having ‘clumps’ gather between lashes – or worse, at the corners of the eye. On special weekend nights out I’m willing to use a lash comb and curl my lashes beforehand, and apply a base coat to make them soft, supple and luxurious; but when I’m rushing to get through my make up so that I can grab a coffee and breakfast before I head off to work, I want a simple clean mascara that doesn’t require a dozen time-consuming techniques and tricks to look good!

So does it work? The brush of the applicator wand is a good length for top lashes, and it’s slim enough that I can apply it with fair precision to the smaller and trickier lashes in the inner and outer corners, and also to reach the roots without feeling that I’ll poke myself in the eye with the bristles!

Lash Power Mascara Close Up.  Photo © Redberry Sky
Lash Power Mascara Close Up. Photo © Redberry Sky

Best Long Lash Mascara?

More than any other make up product, mascara can make or break your ‘look’. Smooth, dark lashes are classic and glamorous, but 'clumpy' ones are hideous and can add years to your appearance. Like every mascara, Lash Power does need some care to apply, but if the excess is scraped off the brush and the product is applied from root to tip, it gives a long, smooth and lustrous appearance. This is one of the best mascaras I've tried when it comes to defining and lengthening lashes, and the secret to this is in the design of the applicator brush, a slim wand that makes precision a doddle!

Clumps, Smudging, Flaking, and Build-Up

No mascara is perfect, but if applied with a little care Lash Power scores highly for me on all of these ‘mascara sins’. I’ve had no clumping, or lashes sticking together as long as I scrape the excess off the applicator wand before applying; smudging has actually been non-existent; the only time I’ve seen a little flaking has been after getting caught in a downpour, when my attempts at repair in the girls’ room at work were less than exact and after drying off, my soaked lashes shed a little of their mascara coating.

Star Rating

4 stars for Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Quick Summary of Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Application – goes on smoothly with minimum fuss. Applicator wand is long and slim to help reach ever lash.

Appearance – long and pretty lashes – gives a classic and natural look.

Staying Power – extremely good – lasts all day (and all night too, according to Clinique!).

Colour – the ‘Black Onyx’ is dark and luscious without being unnaturally stark.

Waterproof – the Great British weather has tested this for me with rain, sun and wind, and Lash Power has stood up to all of them very admirably.

Smudging, Flaking and Build-Up – these mascara offenses are very few and far between even in the fiercest of weather.

Hypoallergenic – I’ve had no irritation at all with this mascara, although on days when my eyes are extra-sensitive I do avoid wearing too much eye make up.

Value – I get a lot of use out of the product, wearing it for both day and evening, and I expect the tube to last for several months so I think it’s very good value at £16 ($16 in US).

Overall – I give this 4 stars because although it’s a fantastic mascara, it does only come in limited colours, and I’d like to leave an extra star for when someone invents the perfect mascara!

Staying Power

Clinique advertises that Lash Power will stay in place perfectly for 24 hours. I haven’t tested out this claim, but I have worn it all day without experiencing any fading, flaking, smudging or even ‘glooping’ in the corners. I do apply mascara sparingly, which minimises any of these unsightly things, but I also do apply it from root to tip (unless my eyes are feeling very sensitive), which with some mascaras can cause problems as the eyes’ natural tears and moisture gathers up the product into the corners of the eyes.


I have the ‘Black Onyx’ colour, and it’s beautifully dark without being stark or unnatural-looking against my (very) pale skin. For people with a lighter hair colour, the mascara also comes in ‘Dark Chocolate’. I’m always slightly disappointed when a good mascara is limited to the neutral browns and blacks, and because this is such a dependable mascara I would have liked the option to buy it in blue and other colours.


This is the big claim of Lash Power – that it will stand up to any moisture that’s thrown at it! I’m sure there are limits to this, but so far, in my two weeks of using it on a daily basis, it has stood up to the wind making my eyes water, some quite heavy soakings from the rain, and the humid heat of some sweltering early-summer days. The ‘waterproof’ quality isn’t perfect – I’ve never found a mascara that truly is completely waterproof – but beyond a little ‘tidying up’ with a damp tissue, I have a lot of confidence that this product won’t make me panda-eyed at the first hint of wind, rain or heat.


If my eyes are feeling very sensitive, such as around the time of my period, or on days when the pollen count is very high, I tend to skip a lot of eye make up, because even the most hypoallergenic products will make my eyes sting and become a little bloodshot. But for the rest of the time, when my eyes are only mildly sensitive, I’ve been wearing this with no discomfort or irritation at all, even though I apply it from the very base of the lashes, which can be a sensitivity trigger-point.


Lash Power is quite expensive, at £16 ($16 in the US), but it’s a dependable mascara that does give the appearance of long and pretty lashes. I’m able to wear this almost every day (except, as I said above, if my eyes are feeling really sensitive), and it’s defining enough to wear in the evening as well as being sturdy enough for all-day wear. All in all I expect to get a lot of use from this for a long time.


I love the look, the ease of application, and the dependability of this mascara, and I haven’t had a single complaint about it since I started to use it. I would like to be able to get this in a larger range of colours, but that is less of a complaint than a compliment to Clinique’s make up engineers – that I want to buy more!


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    • Pauline Davenport profile image

      Pauline Davenport 4 years ago from Isle of Man

      It's brilliant to find a good mascara, and not as easy as just buying one off the shelf and getting on with it!! I work in a pharmacy and have to look reasonable all day, so this sounds to be a good product for me Redberry Sky, despite the price. It sounds a lot, but I find that mascara lasts ages for me anyway. It's the same old story isn't it? 'You get what you pay for'. I might just give this a go next pay day - my treat if you know what I mean. Thanks for this.

    • Redberry Sky profile image

      Redberry Sky 4 years ago

      It's true, Pauline, mascara just seems to last me forever too! I do double-take at the price of some cosmetics, but you're right, the cost often does reflect the quality Cheers, Pauline :)

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