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Review of Naked 2 Palette

Updated on February 12, 2017

What Is It?

The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay features colors that work well with people that have certain skin tones. There are many different colors in this palette, from golds and browns, to grays and even some pinks and purples.

With the amount of different tones and shades, this palette separates itself from the palette that came before it.

The downside of this beautiful palette is that, unlike the first palette, not all eye colors work well with it. That is not to say that you can't use it, it just might not bring out your eyes as well as some other palettes might.


When Can I Wear This?

These colors will work perfectly with day or evening looks. The palette has a wide range of colors, from light and natural to dark. There are many different options for blending and you can really have some experimenting with them all.


Should I Wear This?

Although this palette has a wide range of colors, not every eye color should use this.

Women with hazel and gray eyes, this palette is for you.

If you have other eye colors, it doesn't mean that you cannot use this, it just means it won't bring out your eyes or look as flattering on you.

Don't let that deter you from trying it though. You can come up with some pretty amazing combinations using this palette.



This collection is versatile, with amazing pigment that goes on with ease.

I have recently rediscovered how special Urban Decay is with this collection. I have fallen in love in only 2 short days of buying this product. To start I love this case, it is sturdy and elegant looking. As for the eyeshadows themselves, I was able, with just this collection, to create a subtle day look that transitioned into a dramatic night look within minutes and required no other color from any other collection or brand. The pigment is rich and the tones are perfect for anyone at anytime. The brushes included are good quality brushes that pick up and deposit color perfectly. For anyone just starting out with Urban Decay this is perfect!

Love this palette!

This palette is tied with the Naked original for my favorite. I usually use the two of them together. The colours in here are absolutely divine!
i only wish that BOOTYCALL was a single as that is probably the one i use the most in here and i really don't want to have to buy a whole new palette once i hit pan on it (and that's about to happen)great colours, it works on practically every skintone
good quality, again my only issue is with the brush. my naked brush broke and this one is a little loose feeling and i'm worried that it too will break.otherwise i love love love the naked palettes along with every other palette UD puts out!

Hands Down Best Eyeshadow pallet EVER!

I love the naked palette and was one of those crazy people who had to have it when it launched. With that being said, The Naked Two pallet is even better if you can believe it.
I am a make-up junkie and have lots of make-up from many different places. (Of course Urban is my Fave hands down) I often help my friends with their make-up and it did not matter what skin color they were, or what age they were, it looks wonderful on all of them. I am proud to say each friend I exposed to the Naked Two pallet went out the next day and bought it.
If you are reading this review then it’s a must have for you too!*Please don't forget your Primer Potion


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