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Review of African-American hair products

Updated on March 23, 2012

First review of Profectiv Conditioner

If you are anything like me then you can understand the headache that can come along with finding that right hair product. African-Americans have a range of many hair colors and lengths but all consist of tight, small curls. Many females not just African-Americans, experiment with or use weaves to enhance their look. The subtitle to this particular hub is experimenting to find the right product. This involves me actually testing out various new, popular, and not so well known hair products.

This is my time using profectiv conditioner ; I must say is smells great, a sweet, mixed berry type of scent but not overwhelming. It is a pastel pink color, cool to the touch, and has a pudding type consistency. My hair type is shoulder length, relaxed (a little over a month ago), as well as dyed (over 8 months ago), overall healthy hair but a little on the thin side with a little damage in a few areas. My hair tends to have breakage if I flatiron or use curling irons daily. I applied it immediately before I had a sew-in done, and am currently using it twice a week for the passed two weeks. When I applied it, my hair felt silky and smooth between my fingers. Once I had blown dry my hair, right away I could tell it penetrated deeply into my roots and cuticles. My hair was shiny, and appeared to be holding up to what it says on the jar. I will update you on the condition of my hair and the affects of using the “profectiv breakfree” very soon.


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    • Browneesorchids profile image

      Browneesorchids 6 years ago from United States

      Thank you for your time and honest review. Stay tuned for the update and results thus far.

    • findawayormakeone profile image

      findawayormakeone 6 years ago from Washington, DC Metro Area

      Good hub. I used to use Profectiv in High School, when I still wore my hair relaxed. I got so much growth over a couple of years, using it daily when I got up for school. But eventually, the effectiveness of the product kind of wore off. Perhaps they changed something in the product or my hair was just done with it. However, I have seen some rebranding happening with the product line recently and new products. I may go back and give them a try again. Thank you!