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Rexall T+Plus Gel Shampoo Review

Updated on September 23, 2012

Rexall T+Plus Gel Plus Shampoo

Read this article if you want to find out how well Rexall T+Plus Gel Shampoo works. This is a thorough review of T+Plus Gel shampoo made by Rexall.

Below is some information about the shampoo, followed by my personal review.

What Is Rexall T+Plus Gel Shampoo

Rexall T+Plust Gel shampoo is shampoo that is designed to control the symptoms of dandruff, psoriasis and sebborrheic dermatitis.

According to the bottle one should only use it up to twice a week, as this supposedly gives people the best results. The directions also say to massage and lather the shampoo onto the scalp and leave it on for several minutes before washing it out.

With the above said, below is a review of the product and my personal opinion about Rexall T+Plus Gel shampoo.

Review Of T+Plus Gel Shampoo

I suffered from an itchy and flaky scalp for the longest time, and I have tried many products to treat it. Some products worked alright but i never found a product that worked consistently. That is until I decided to give Rexall T+Plus Gel shampoo a try.

First of all, I used the shampoo twice before my scalp stopped itching completely. The first day I got the shampoo I used it, and then I used it the following day. After, that I used it once a week for about two months and then I felt like there was no need to use it anymore. Seems like my scalp is never itchy and it does not become flaky anymore.

I also want to mention the price. I paid under $10, maybe even $8 for the shampoo. I have spent a lot of money on all sorts of products to help me get relief from the itchiness and flakiness, and nothing ever worked as well as Rexall T+Plus Gel shampoo. The shampoo may be cheap to buy, but the results were much better than what I expected. I didn't expect the shampoo to work as well as it did.

I highly recommend using Rexall T+Plus Gel shampoo if you have an itchy and/or flaky scalp. It worked very well for me.


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    • profile image

      Dee 11 months ago

      Bought this at my dollar general for $3.50 and it really works,now I am trying to find the conditioner to go with it.

    • profile image

      Pam Marshall 15 months ago

      I really like the Rexall shampoo. It lathers real good. You don't have to use a lot. When I went to the dollar store to get some they said they were not carrying it any more. HELP!!! How can I get it.

    • profile image

      Amber 3 years ago

      Smells like mothballs

    • profile image

      KellyBug 3 years ago

      I just bought a 8.5 oz bottle of this Rexall Therapeutic T+Plus Gel on my way home last night. I haven't used it yet. But am really anxious to find out if it works this well( I really it hope it does)!!

      I have used H and S for the last 10 years, and I really liked using it. It worked great, as long as I used it every time I was my hair.( everyday or every other day.) So I thought I would try to find another type of shampoo that I don't have to use every time I wash my hair, and that would clear up my red, flaky, itchy patches that I get along my hairline.

      The first new shampoo I tried was the Rexall Maximum Dandruff control Shampoo with Aloe. To me, I think it smelled a little like dog shampoo, but It works well too. I didn't have to use it as often. Maybe every other time I washed my hair. But once I ran out of that bottle, the itchy patches came back.

      So I decided to try something else. I bought the T+Plus Gel 8.5 oz bottle for $2.85 at the dollar general. I am going to use it today,( maybe twice) and I really hope it works as well for me as it has for others! It would be great to get this cleared up, without buying and trying more and more medicated shampoos. Some of them are expensive! It would be nice to actually be able to use some regular shampoo for a chang and m scalp stay clear

      Oh and one more thing about this bottle of t gel, it seems like it is really thick, almost like syrup. It doesn't seem watered down at all.

    • foxxyz69 profile image

      foxxyz69 4 years ago from Niles Ohio

      conundrummm you said only $2.50? LoL really...let me know if it works?

    • profile image

      Conundrummm 4 years ago

      I haven't tried this product yet. But, I wanted to comment on the price. I bought an 8.5 oz bottle today from Dollar General and it was only $2.50.