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Rhassoul clay skin care benefits and face masks

Updated on October 3, 2013

Rhassoul clay has been used in skin care for over 2000 years. It was known to the nobles of ancient Rome and Egypt who used it as a soap, shampoo and a daily cleanser. Today Rhassoul is a common ingredient of beauty care in numerous luxurious spas all over the world and also a part of traditional Hammam treatment where it is applied to body, face and even hair before the application of Argan oil.

The name of this clay comes from the Arabic word ‘rassala’ which means “the matter which washes”. Other names of this clay are Red Morrocan Clay and Ghassoul Clay. It comes from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco where it is mined from the deposits formed from the volcanic ashes.

Properties of Rhassoul clay.

In comparison with other clays Rhassoul clay has more gentle cleansing properties and therefore facial masks from Rhassaul clay are especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The masks from Rhassoul clay improve skin texture, reduce dryness, remove toxins and tighten the pores. For oily and problem skin and for the deep-cleaning of skin pores use Calcium Bentonite clay, for oily and combined skin use French Green Clay

Rhassoul clay masks also have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. This is due to a high content (58%) of Silica in the Rhassoul molecules. Silica is the microelement essential for supporting deep layers of collagen which give the skin its elasticity. Two other chemical components of Rhasaoul clay - Magnesium and Calcium are essential for skin regeneration.

How to prepare Rhassoul clay mask.

Rhassoul clay often comes in chunks which can be easily powdered using an electric coffee grinder or a pestle and mortar. Alternatively the clay chunks can be left to soak for about 10 min and then turned into a paste.

How to apply Rhassoul clay masks.

Clean your face using a mild scrub and a warm water. You can use facial sauna which opens up the pores to increase the effect of a mask. Apply the mask in a small massaging circular movements and keep it for 15-20 minutes, until it starts to dry out. Then use a bit of water to moisten the mask and carefully remove it with a cotton towel. You should aim to apply clay masks at least 2 times a week.

Rhassoul clay, avocado and honey and yoghurt facial mask for dry and sensitive skin.

Rhassoul clay will do wonders when applied on any kind of skin.

An addition of avocado and honey is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Avocado contains natural oils which are very close to the skin oil as well as vitamins A,D and C which are essential for maintaining healthy-looking skin. Honey and yogurt have antibacterial and moisturising properties.


  • 1 tbsp Rhassoul Clay
  • 1teasp Honey
  • 1teasp Yorgurt
  • 1/4 Avocado


  1. Mix Rhassoul clay with a bit of water into a thick paste .
  2. Add yoghurt, honey and mashed avocado and apply.

Rhassoul clay, Argan oil and Frankincense oil facial mask.

This is a spa quality facial mask which will have particular rejuvenating effect on skin.

Argan oil is famous Moroccan oil with high content of essential fatty acids which are important for skin re-generation and repair. Frankincense oil has been known since Biblical times for its rejuvenating properties.


  • 1 tbspn of Rhassoul Clay
  • 2 drops of Argan oil
  • 2 drops of Frankincense oil

1.Add Argan and Frankincense oils to the dry clay powder and mix.

2.Carefully add a little of water, mix into a paste and apply.

Other uses of Rhassaoul Clay

  • Rhassoul clay can be used as a daily cleanser instead of soap. To make a natural cleanser, free of artificial additives, mix yogurt, honey and clay into the consistency of a cleaning lotion and use it in the morning and in the evening to remove the most of make-up.
  • Together with other ingredients such as oats, almonds and essential oils it can be used as a facial scrub.
  • Rhassoul clay is traditionally used in Morocco as a hair shampoo. When applied to the hair Rhassaul clay enhances the hair texture and volume, softens the hair and removes dandruff. In hair applications Rhassaul clay often used mixed with Argan oil which restore shine to hair.
  • Rhassoul clay is wonderful in a hand spa which you can treat yourself to at home. Soak your hands in a warm water with a drop of aromatic oil, such as Lavender oil or Lemon oil, and apply Rhassoul clay for 15-20 minutes. Rhassoul clay will soften the skin, remove dead cells and strengthen nails.
  • Arthritis treatment. Rhassoul clay poultices have a warming effect on sore joints, reduce inflammation and improve movement. Frankincense oil made from the Boswellia serrata species, one of the best herbs for arthritis treatment, can be added into the clay mixture.


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    • profile image

      Elide soares 

      2 years ago

      Thank you so much for all this wonderful information, just got a 5 pounds bag of clay and was wondering how to use it, wondered no further, thanks again!

    • Christine Wade profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine Wade 

      5 years ago from UK

      Teaches12345, thank you for stopping. Clay masks are very easy. I am planning to write about two other types of clays which are also very good for skin care, but this one is my favourite.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      5 years ago

      Thank you for the information and advice. The ingredients are simple and should be easy to follow the recipe for the clay. I may just try it some time. Voted up.


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