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Rick Ross Vs Notorious B.I.G.

Updated on February 18, 2014
Notorious B.I.G (wearing 2 Jesus pieces  and his trademark versace shades)
Notorious B.I.G (wearing 2 Jesus pieces and his trademark versace shades)
Rick Ross (Wearing Mink faux fur scarf,Vintage shades, Iced out diamond watch and pinky ring)
Rick Ross (Wearing Mink faux fur scarf,Vintage shades, Iced out diamond watch and pinky ring)
Biggie Smalls (Wearing Coogi Sweaters & Versace Shades)
Biggie Smalls (Wearing Coogi Sweaters & Versace Shades)
Yellow Mink & Vintage Shades
Yellow Mink & Vintage Shades

Is Rick Ross flyer then B.I.G was?

"Fly", the universal language in Hip-Hop culture, that implies when an individuals persona and appearance combines to produce a swagger, that is so fresh and clean, when you see it the brain can come to no other conclusion than greatness.

Notorious B.I.G had it. He was one of the greatest hip-hop Icons ever and would be the best rapper alive currently if he wasn't gunned down in March of 1996. He was a charismatic heavyweight fella, who knew how to dress and loved looking good for the ladies. Clothing was his thing, as his physical attributes were sub par, admittedly so, when he says in the One More Chance Remix "Black and ugly as ever-However - I stay Coogi down to the socks - Rings and watch filled with rocks". He could always be seen in the freshest, newest, Coogi gear and made it extremely popular among everyone who listened to his music that wanted to immulate his style. He also had a love for Versace, and rarely would be seen without his Versace "money" shades on. They fit into his gangster image and also hid his lazy eye. His honesty (admitting he's ugly) and staying well dressed for a big man, is what made his fans love him so much.

Rick Ross is one of the biggest rappers of today and can always be seen rubbing shoulders with the highest profile celebrities, and icons like Diddy and Jay-z on stage or in the studio. His beard is always perfectly kept, symmetrically edged around his lower half of his face, finished with a razored shaven haircut. From the sleekest, slim, coolest looking shades to the most decadent diamond chains and watches, everything he wears is always put together well(his stylist needs a raise). To captivate it all, his swagger matches his high-end fashion to the T as he likes to talk, look, and act like "The biggest Boss you seen thus far". His high end choice of life doesn't stop with clothes and shades oh no; He has a thing for high end cars as well. The Maybach is his favorite because of its quality. He even chose to name his music label, Maybach Music Group a.k.a (MMG). This let the music world know, the music his label produces rivals the car maker in quality and timelessness.

Clothing in the 1990s were very, very, different from the clothing in the early 2000s. Many technological advances have been made and peoples choices in fashion have changed drastically over the last 20 years. I don't know if stylist were mandatory then, but they certainly are now. Artist are dealing with tours, business meetings, and making tons of music in the studio to stay relevant. This leaves little to no time to pick out their own wardrobes. In my opinion, Notorious B.I.G was the better rapper and emcee. However, Rick Ross takes the cake as far as "being the flyest" goes. His swagger and braggadocious aura, looks and smells authentic. His talk backs up the way he walks and whatever he is seen driving in,flying in or wearing you can be rest assured its of the highest quality. Rick Ross is the flyest rapper between the two and maybe of any rapper all time. What do you think!?


Who is/was Flyer between Rick Ross and Notorious B.I.G?

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Who has the better nicknames?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      interesting topic! they are both equally fly for their time periods.

    • HipHopPedigree profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Wow Great Article


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