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Rieker shoes

Updated on March 29, 2016

They are made for walking and can be worn all day. The brand focuses in products that are good for the feet and the legs. The company calls them anti-stress shoes. This is based on the light weight and softness of materials used in constructing the products.

Rieker shoes are made of the softest glove leather uppers. They are designed to fit like a glove and move with the foot each time it flexes. They will not rub or move in any way that will cause discomfort. The light weight of these products also makes them comfortable to wear all day. Light weight means less stress on the feet and the joints of the ankle.

The soles of Rieker shoes are made with a very flexible polyethylene which also moves with the foot. A shoe that moves with the foot every time is less likely to cause fatigue or leave a person with tired aching soles at the end of the day. They also come with a mild support or cushioning, for even greater comfort. Products are as stylish as they are comfortable. There are many styles suitable to wear to the office and for a night out.


The brand offers sandals, flats, dress shoes, and boots in many popular styles. The Celia L1795 is a stylish slingback in a light brown leather with plenty of detail. Many people who have purchased this style say they can wear them all day. The heel is designed more like a cradle, so the back of the foot does not slide around like it will in many brands. Some reviewers say this model is as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. This style comes with hand stitching and an open sunburst pattern in the forefoot, for ventilation and a unique look.

The Doris 41367 is more of a closed style than the Celia. It features a buckle strap closure across the top and a slight heel. It comes in a medium brown with a floral pattern in the forefoot that contains small ventilation holes in each petal. The center of the design includes a silver toned disc that gives the shoe a bit of flair.

Rieker shoes makes boots for winter weather and for fashion. The Gabriella and Rebecca are ankle height boots in black that are as comfortable as they are stylish. The Rebecca has a separate heel where the Gabriella comes with a slight wedge heel. There are many styles to cover the entire calf as well.

Mens section

For men, there are plenty of Rieker shoes for the office and for casual wear. The company makes several tennis shoe styles and some very comfortable dress styles that will look good with suits or dress casual khakis and polo shirts. They are sold in many stores where high end brands like Rockport are sold. They are competitively priced and a bit more stylish than typical walking shoe brands. They are made with the same quality materials, so they are well worth the price.


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