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Rigby & Peller Lingerie - Lingerie By Royal Appointment!

Updated on August 19, 2009

Where does the Queen buy her underwear?

Ask any woman who is keen on beautiful clothing and accessories, and she will tell you that Rigby and Peller stand out among all of the other shops in London that offer lingerie for sale. Nowhere else in the city can you receive service that is absolutely fit for a Queen except at these locations in and around London!

Rigby and Peller Provides a Royal Lingerie Service

The folks who staff these shops have had ample experience at providing Royal service.

The present owner has been the proud holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Corsetieres to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ever since 1982, and to the Queen Mother since 1993. The Queen first granted this Royal Warrant back in 1960.

Known for exceptional customer service, the staff at these London stores are friendly and professional lingerie specialists.

History of Rigby and Peller

The first shop was established in 1939. A Mrs. Rigby and a Mrs. Peller owned the shop, which was located on South Molton Street. This has always been a family owned business.

Today, Rigby and Peller is owned by June Kenton, along with her husband and son, Harold and David.

The store has grown in popularity over the years, so much so that there are now six stores dotted around the London area.

A second store began to do business in 1995. Not too long after this date, the business proudly unveiled its first website. A third store was needed to keep up with business in 2006, and the fourth and fifth stores were opened the very next year in 2007. A sixth new store debuted in 2008.

The occasion of 50 years in the lingerie business was celebrated by the Kentons and their customers back in 1989. Rigby and Peller have made it a point to keep up with the changing fashions during this entire 50-year period.

Inside Rigby and Peller

These stores are well known for their stocks of quality merchandise from all around the world, as well as for the custom-made clothing they make available, including bras. Designer bras, briefs and knickers along with corsets and basques share store space with swimwear and the luxurious and exclusive lingerie and swimwear that proudly carries the Rigby and Peller label.

Rigby & Peller Bra and Panties Set

The lingerie sold at any of these shops is luxurious and of excellent quality. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a bra would do well to stop in and take advantage of Rigby and Peller’s well-known bra fitting services. The fitters are expert, trained to perfection and more than happy to help you determine your correct bra size.

Shopping at Rigby and Peller

However, there is a lot more available for sale inside this store or on its web site. An advantage of the web site is the ability to see photographs of the various types of lingerie.

The wide range of designer bras carried by the company includes every style and colour imaginable, including mastectomy bras.

The same goes for the collection of knickers and briefs for sale. You can choose from thongs, hipsters, and every other style as well.

Rigby & Peller Basque

You can peruse lingerie sets containing bustiers and briefs, camisoles and pants, or bras and knickers.

Control lingerie such as pants, bodies, waistnippers, girdles and long leg briefs are popular with women of all ages.

Corsets and basques, maternity bras and briefs, bridal and bespoke underwear and lingerie, and underwear accessories like gel inserts, bra straps, and the famous Rigby and Peller lingerie wash are all available to you from the brick and mortar stores offline, or from the convenient 24/7 web site.

Often, items you see online will not be available at a nearby store, and as fate would have it, usually what you are looking for is an item that you really should try on in order to be sure of the size you need.

This is when the outstanding customer service is at its best. The online staff is more than familiar with the items in stock, and can help you to decide on sizing with the judicious use of measurements. Shopping is a pleasure when choosing lingerie at Rigby and Peller, be it online or offline.

This hub brought to you...

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • profile image

      ann p wertheim 6 years ago

      I cannot come to London for rigby and peller, but i do live in NY, near the city. what's the next best thing to R&P in NYC or suburbs of Long Island in getting excellent fitting, high end bras?

    • profile image

      Long Leg Briefs Lover 7 years ago

      My best pair of long leg briefs is from Rigby and Peller, and I didn't mind the steep price at all - it's fit for royalty.

    • profile image

      Long Leg Briefs Lover 7 years ago

      My best pair of long leg briefs is from Rigby and Peller, and I didn't mind the steep price at all - it's fit for royalty.

    • profile image

      santy anwar 7 years ago

      wow..feminim,soft,detail design,elegant .. all the women need is here...

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Rigby & Peller will last YEARS and La Perla does wear out a lot faster, but the designs are both good.

    • profile image

      Jen 8 years ago

      This is a lovely review Julie-Ann, full of good trivia and information. What do you think is better, this or La Perla?

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Seems to have some lovely stuff

    • EverythingMouse profile image

      EverythingMouse 8 years ago

      I always shop there when I visit London.