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Rihanna, Hollywood's Underrated Fashionista

Updated on August 16, 2010

Rihanna's gotten a lot of press for various things over the years, most notably for having a thing for umbrellas. (And of course there was that deeply depressing Ike and Tina style relationship she briefly had with Chris Brown. If they reconciled, I don't want to know.)

Aside from dubious choices in the boyfriend department, Rihanna is actually quite the wee fashionista, even more so that her glamorous counterparts. She hardly ever gets credit for her courageous fashion decisions, but whilst those around her take off as much clothing as humanly possible and stick with the tried and true glamor of evening gowns and starlet hair, Rihanna often keeps her style feminine yet fresh with short hairdos and clothing choices that stick a middle finger up at whats expected of her as a female star.

(In saying that I'm obviously choosing to ignore that hideous music video 'Rude Boy', which was ludicrous, ridiculous and pretty much vile on every single level. As one You Tube commenter noted “This song may as well be called 'Chris, I've developed Stockholm Syndrome'”. I say that any music video in which a performer appears to dress in ribbed birth control is probably going too far.)

But if we ignore the occasional pandering to industry demands, Rihanna has worn some incredibly inventive outfits in her time. Classy outfits, that didn't make her look like she was getting ready for an evening on a street corner. The time she dressed like a man-moth, was, for instance, quite memorable, as was the light up dress she wore at a recent performance. One can't help but noticing that she has a thing for oversized shoulder pads, (and oversized jerks).

The trend is repeated in the blouse with ginormous metallic puffy sleeves and what I'm choosing to call her Michael Jackson inspired jacket. You might hate the look of many of these items and perhaps you'd even prefer to take the Subway wearing potato sacks rather than be seen dead in one of Rihanna's choice pieces, but you can't deny that she pulls them off.

She has a stylist's eye for fashion and fortunately for her, the strong features and face to pull it off. No matter how outlandish Rihanna's outfits get – and they get pretty outlandish, they never manage to steal attention from her face, a fact that goes against all the laws of nature and yet still can't be denied. You should be covering your face from the bedazzled metallic poofyness, but instead your eye is drawn to her eyes and lips. Now that's talent.

Rihanna is one celebrity who actually deserves her own fashion line.


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