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Popular Rocker Hairstyles For Men Today

Updated on September 23, 2011

A Wide Range Hairstyles To Choose From

The first thing you should really know about rocker hairstyles for men is that there are a wide range to actually choose from. Gone are the days where it was long wavy hair which was last seen in the eighties as now there is a lot more work going in to creating that rock look.

Shoulder Length Hair

There are still some styles that focus on the long hair but not to the lengths previously seen. Now it is more shoulder length as a maximum and even then it can be quite styled and cut in various ways making it different from just looking like slightly long hair.

Billie Joe Armstrong spiky hairstyle.
Billie Joe Armstrong spiky hairstyle.

Messy & Spiky Hairstyles

The one you go for can often depend on the shape of your face but one common theme right through is that the messy look is more in fashion today than anything else. You should therefore study the type of face you have and then start to look up which styles are deemed to be best for that shape as it can make or break an entire look.

An example of this is that if you have what is classed as a high forehead then you should perhaps think about getting the short and spiky look. Make sure it is messy as this style comes across as being edgy due to not being in the conventional spiky style and nor is it the normal short hairstyle that can be worn by so many.

Chester Bennington short hairstyle.
Chester Bennington short hairstyle.

Very Short Hair

Some rock styles now include very short hair but not like a skinhead as this time it focuses on a clipper cut. It is short on the back and sides but slightly longer on the top and a good example of this is Chester Bennington from Linkin Park so look it up in order to get a better idea of how this should look.

Steven Tyler hairstyle.
Steven Tyler hairstyle.

Layered Hairstyles

If you do want to go for the slightly longer look then it is best to have multiple layers about chin length as this breaks it up and gives it a life of its own. There are longer staggered layers as well but fewer people can wear this look as it tends to give much more of a bad boy look about it which is not suitable to all.


The best thing to do when choosing any of these styles is to look at the current stars and try to copy what they have. Look into it in a bit more detail first and see if it is suitable for your shape and hair type as clearly some styles suit some people better than others.

Finding rocker hairstyles for men is therefore more involved than it ever used to be with more styles to pick from when in previous years there was perhaps only one. Some research is important as is talking to your hairdresser about what you are looking for and they can give you advice on what works best for you and can then see about cutting it accordingly so you can be completely happy with the end result.


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