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Rolex Cellini Watches For Women

Updated on April 8, 2015

The Rolex Cellini Woman’s Line

The Vision and the Innovations

The visionary of Rolex is Hans Wilsdorf (1881-1960) who entered Swiss watchmaking in the early 1900s. In those days, most people carried pocket watches since wristwatches were not precise. Wilsdorf envisioned wrist watches becoming reliable and elegant. He used tiny, precise movements made by Swiss watchmakers in Bienne, and to this day, hundreds of finely crafted pieces are artfully assembled by hand into each Rolex. Since its establishment in 1908, Rolex has led the watchmaking industry with several innovations.

First, Rolex focused on the quality of movements, and in 1910, Rolex was the first wristwatch to

receive the Swiss Certificate of Precision. In 1914, the Kew Observatory awarded a Rolex wristwatch a certificate of precision, a distinction that was originally reserved only for marine chronometers. Since then, the name Rolex has been synonymous with precision.

Rolex - High Quality Watches


The Rolex Oyster Line

In 1931, Rolex's Oyster line became the first watches to have the Perpetual rotor, the winding mechanism invented and patented by Rolex. The Perpetual rotor system was the beginning of every modern automatic watch, and guarantees the high performance of each Rolex.

  • · In 1923, Rolex invented the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch.
  • · In 1945, Rolex invented the first wristwatch which automatically changed the day and date.
  • · In 1953, Rolex invented the first wristwatch which was waterproof to 100 m.
  • · In 1954, Rolex invented the first wristwatch to display two timezones.

Fine Watches


The Benchmark of Quality

Each Rolex watch is design by a team of experts who each individually contribute specific skills. Each part of a Rolex is crafted of the finest raw materials, and then assembled by hand with scrupulous attention to detail. After being assembled with Rolex's patented technology and over a hundred years of expertise, each Rolex watch is stringently examined and tested.

The precision of every watch is dependent on the quality of its oscillator. Most oscillator hairsprings are made of magnetic iron alloys which are vulnerable to shocks and magnetic fields. Rolex uses a blue Parachrom hairspring made from a paramagnetic alloy that is not affected by magnetic fields and is much more resistant to shocks. This blue colored alloy has historically been the mark of prestige used only in the most accurate timepieces in the world, and it is now used in every Rolex, guaranteeing its accuracy. The Parachrom hairspring was totally conceived by and is patented by Rolex.

The bezel of a typical watch is vulnerable to scratches and sunlight. Rolex invented and patented the Cerachrom disc bezel, which is an extremely hard ceramic material that has been heated to 1500°F. It is then polished so that the only marks that remain are the numerals. The process takes over 40 hours for each watch, and makes the bezel extraordinarily corrosion resistant and unaffected by ultraviolet rays. It is also almost scratch-proof, assuring timeless beauty.

Look for the Signs

Rolex is a sign of quality
Rolex is a sign of quality | Source

The Rolex Cellini Woman’s Line

The Rolex Cellini line is a tribute to Benvenuto Cellini, who was a Renaissance era sculptor and goldsmith to the popes and kings.

The Cellissima Ladies is made of white gold with a sapphire crystal and a white dial. The bezel is inlaid with diamonds and the strap is pink leather.

The Orchid Ladies is made of white gold with a sapphire crystal and a pink mother of pearl which is set with diamonds. The bracelet is set with brilliants.

The Cestello Ladies is made of white gold with a sapphire crystal and round, black mother of pearl dial. It features a hand wound movement and a brown leather strap.

Cellini Quartz Ladies watches are made of 18K yellow or white gold with quartz movement. This style features an assortment of shapes, dial colors and strap designs and material, including gold and leather.

Rolex has long been the symbol of quality and timeless style. Rolex watch prices vary with the style and the materials used.

Rolex Cellini For Women


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