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All about the Rolex Daytona

Updated on February 16, 2011

If a magic genie appeared at this moment and granted me the wish of owning any wrist watch in the world, I am pretty sure I would pick the Rolex Daytona.

What is the Rolex Datona?

As you have probably guessed from the pictures and title of this hub, the Daytona is a luxury watch produced by the top-end watch manufacturer, Rolex.

While Rolex are sometimes regarded as a stuffy, old school watch brand aimed at those entering their twilight years, the Daytona is anything but.

The Daytona is a sleek looking sports watch that has been in production since the 1960s and still looks the part..


As you can see from the pictures of the Daytona, it's a bit on the chunky side without being overbearing.

It'll sit proudly on your wrist without getting in the way.

The Rolex Daytona features a striking and distinctive white face which makes it instantly recognizable to Rolex aficianados.

The Daytona livery is visible but stylishly subtle.

The large bezel on the side is also another hallmark of the Daytona. Almost, but not quite rubbing up against your wrist.


To sum up the quality of the Daytona, one could say it's a good, solid watch that forgiving of a little rough handling.

The Daytona's stainless steel case ensures it's sturdy and can take the odd bump more capably that a watch with a heavy gold content.

The watch also features scratch proof samphire glass, perfect if you need to get under the hood of your Ferrari for some emergency repairs.


To be brutally honest, there is nothing particularly remarkable about the features of this watch.

The Rolex Daytona keeps accurate time while providing the ultimate broadcast of your style and wealth (or perhaps lack of given the price tag!).

The Daytona is more a piece of luxury jewelry than electronic gadgetry. If you want a timekeeper with amazing electronic gadgetry, why not save a bunch and just buy an iPod Touch?

Where to buy a Rolex Daytona

The Daytona is is renowned for being incredibly hard to get hold of.

Rolex know that the Daytona's in high demand and deliberately restrict the supply to maintain the air of exclusivity.

Rumor has it that salespeople in Rolex stores aren't allowed to wear them.

My local Rolex store even refuses to speak about the Daytona, saying that they won't accept new orders in addition to their five year waiting list.

Just being able to buy one of these beauties seems like a rare victory in itself.

However, as I penned this hub, there were several in stock at Amazon.

Now, what was my credit card limit?


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