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Romantic Tutus - everyone should get one

Updated on August 11, 2011

Flowing, soft looking fabrics that create a delicate, feminine silhouette around a gracefully moving dancer - that is what we call a romantic tutu. Most people who aren’t into ballet and hear the word tutu will immediately think of the classical tutu, the short skirt that sticks out almost horizontally made of very stiff material thus revealing the dancer’s legs entirely. The romantic tutu, however, will remind you more of a normal tulle skirt. It flows and swings with the movement of the dancer which can create a stunning visual effect even if the legs aren’t as clearly visible to the audience.

Here I’m going to show you why romantic tutus are awesome to wear, what sort of beautiful variations they come in and what types of options you have when picking your own tutu. To all males reading this, don’t think this is just girls’ stuff. You’d be surprised how well tulle can suit some men.

Image from Dance World
Image from Dance World

Shopping for Romantic Tutus

Romantic tutus can come in pretty much any length but typically they’re at least knee length. Just as with classical tutus, you can get practice tutus or performance tutus. Likewise, the practice tutus are only the skirt that you can quickly slip on without great hassle and often have plain, neutral colors.

Very important are the layers. Practice tutus usually only have a few layers up to about three while performance tutus or ballet costumes can have lots and lots of layers. In most ballet shops or online shops you can order custom tutus and choose how many layers you want and there is often no particular limit. You could even go beyond 10 layers if you want a really full skirt.

For example, the photo above is from an online shop called Dance World.

The most common fabric for romantic tutus is tulle or net so they look very soft from a distance but they usually don’t feel soft to wear. If you’re serious about ballet, then discomfort is something you’re going to have to get used to. And that is one hell of an understatement.

Prices of romantic tutus can also vary greatly depending on the type and the materials used. You can get practice tutus for very affordable prices but the full costumes are going to set you back by hundreds. The best thing to do is to surf around and make a comparison. You could also stop by a local ballet shop and see what they offer.

Go get a tutu

Romantic tutus are beautiful, fun and they’re great to wear. As a girl you feel much more feminine and sensual in a romantic tutu. That applies to guys too of course. So have fun and feel pretty.


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    • Shulajane profile image

      Shula Jane Fitzgerald 

      5 years ago from Eynsford, Kent

      I am a professional Tutu maker. I make tutu bases for all the major ballet companys. I can make a male tutu if anyone is interested. My website is

      Please contact me if you would like a hand crafted tutu, I would be delighted to build one for a male. What a pleasure that would be. Ballet dancers are the small shape, its all a bit samey now adays. Regards Shula


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